Copley-Plaza Hotel, Boston

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  • Photography


ca. 1912

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photo albums # 230,231,238, 239



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This large loose-leaf album, titled "The Copley-Plaza Boston, Arthur L. Race, Managing Director", prepared as a marketing tool circa 1912 for The Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts. Volume contains: an introductory list of historic attractions for guests; a colored sketch of one of the main entrances facing Copley Plaza; an exterior view of the hotel, with historical note (on former site of the old Boston Art Museum); twenty gelatin silver photographs depicting the hotel interior (reception rooms, ballrooms, lobby, guest accommodations; etc.); a portrait of the hotel manager, Mr. Arthur L. Race; a ground floor plan; a sample floor plan showing locations of rooms with corresponding hotel rates; and a map of Boston. Each photograph is accompanied by a typewritten description of the style, décor, and special features of the room. (For example, the Merry-Go-Round Café features a revolving bar and is described as "smartly modern.") Interior views provide information about period furnishings, such as console radios installed for the use of guests. Photographs include views of people dining, dancing, and drinking in hotel facilities.


Descriptive Terms

hotels (public accommodations)
bars (commercial buildings)
eating and drinking spaces
dining rooms
dressing tables
interior views
photograph albums
black-and-white prints (photographs)
gelatin silver prints

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album number 231

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1 photograph album ; 9 1/8 x 12 1/4

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Photograph albums collection

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photograph albums
black-and-white prints (photographs)
gelatin silver prints

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Race, Arthur L.

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Bar tenders
Bars (drinking establishments)
Bedroom furniture
Dinners and dining
Dining rooms (LC)
Dressing tables (AAT)
Restaurants (LC)
Hotels (LC)
Hotel lobbies (LC)
Interior views (AAT)
Lighting (LC)

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Location Note

photo albums # 230,231,238, 239