Domestic Structures and early buildings in New Hampshire and Maine

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  • Photography


ca. 1920

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photo album# 57b, d



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One paperbound volume of black and white photographs, exposed in the 1920s, and presumably taken by Alfred Shurrocks, an architectural historian. These photographs in many instances duplicate material already in the geographic files, but no attempt has been made to estimate the precise amount of duplication. Most of the locations are identified.

Photographs show wonderful architectural detail of a large expanse of houses in New Hampshire and Maine. There are exteriors, interiors, kitchens, bedrooms, fireplaces, beams, wall details, and staircases

The overall quality of these photographs is quite good for both study and reproduction purposes. Negatives exist for many prints, though unfortunately negative numbers have not consistently been applied to the corresponding print. Users should be sure to consult the negative index under the appropriate locality to determine if negatives exist. These will be in the "a" series.

Album D contains 43 black and white photographs taken by Alfred Shurrocks in the state of New Hampshire, mostly Portsmouth.


Descriptive Terms

architectural elements
interior views
exterior views
photograph albums
black-and-white prints (photographs)

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album number 57 d

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1 photograph album

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Photograph albums collection

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New Hampshire (United States)
Maine (United States)
Rhode Island (United States)

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Attributed to Shurrocks, Alfred F. (Photographer)

Material Type

photograph albums
black-and-white prints (photographs)

Descriptive Terms

Jackson House (Portsmouth, NH)
Gilman Garrison (Exeter, NH)
Warner House (Portsmouth, NH)
John Paul Jones House (Portsmouth, NH)
Jacob Wendell House (Portsmouth, NH)
Chase House (Portsmouth, NH)
Abraham Wendell (Portsmouth, NH)
Pierce House (Portsmouth, NH)
Langley Boardman Marvin House (Portsmouth,
Moffat Ladd House (Portsmouth, NH)
Henry Sherburne House (Portsmouth, NH)
Portsmouth Public Library (Portsmouth, NH)
General Reed House (Fitzwilliam, NH)
Old Goal (York, Maine)
Sparhawk Hall (Kittery, Maine)
Bristol, RI
Jefferson-Maxon (Newport, RI)
Christopher Rhodes (Warwick, RI)

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Location Note

photo album# 57b, d