Harvard University Properties - Vol 11

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photo album 160 v 9-11



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One of thirteen loose leaf notebooks of photographs taken of nonacademic properties owned by Harvard University in Cambridge and Boston by Ira Hara, a freelance construction consultant with some training in architecture in 1977. The work was carried out as part of a survey to "determine the appropriate functions and costs for these properties." For correspondece, and now lapsed restrictions on the use of this collection, plesae consult the folder: library accessions: photographs -- Harvard Real Estate notebooks, filed in the wooden cabinet in the libray stacks.

The photographs in this collection are of average pictorial quality; however, their coverage of utilitarian aspects of a structure is unusual. Many views show furnaces, basements, back of buildings, etc. While restrictions on research or reference use of the collection lapsed in 1984, it would nevertheless be advisable for users to obtain permission from Harvard University's Dept. of Real Estate before publication or other widely disseminated use of the material is contemplated.

Vol 11 includes Fenwood Road ( Cambridge)


Descriptive Terms

buildings (structures)
furnaces (heating components)
residential structures
apartment houses
black-and-white prints (photographs)

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album number 160, vol 11

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1 looseleaf notebook with photographs

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Photograph albums collection

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Cambridge (Middlesex county, Massachusetts)

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Hara , Ira (Photographer)

Material Type

black-and-white prints (photographs)

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Harvard University

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Harvard University
Cambridge, Mass
Fenwood Road, Cambridge

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Location Note

photo album 160 v 9-11