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Albums compiled by the architects Arthur Little and Herbert Browne documenting completed work for several clients.The majority of photographs in these albums were probably commissioned by the firm of Little and Browne to the photographic studios of William Clark (formerly of Soule Photograph Company, Boston) and T. E. Marr. Both photographers were active as "view photographers" working closely with Boston architects.It is important that users note the existence of related materials when using these albums. These consist of architectural plans, an album of furniture designs for specific clients, accounts cumulated by the firm's clients and the architectural library of Herbert Browne, housed as a separate unit within the Rare Book Collection."Book A" includes interiors of residences in Boston, Magnolia, Norwood, Hamilton, Leominster, Salem, Nahant, Pride's Crossing, and Swampscott, MA; South Berwick, Maine; and Washington D.C. Includes index to contents and owner's names. These photographs correspond, in many cases, to plans and accounts also held by Historic New England.


Descriptive Terms

historic buildings
historic houses
photograph albums
black-and-white photographs

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album number 122a

Physical Description

1 photograph album; 10 7/16 x 13 inches; loose prints

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Photograph albums collection

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Boston (Suffolk county, Massachusetts)
Massachusetts (United States)
Norwood (Norfolk county, Massachusetts)
Washington (DC)
Leominster (Worcester county, Massachusetts)
Hamilton (Essex county, Massachusetts)
Berwick (York county, Maine)
Swampscott (Essex county, Massachusetts)

Record Details


Little & Browne (Architect)
Little & Browne (Compiler)
Probably Clark, William T. (Photographic studio)
Probably Marr, T. E. (Photographic studio)

Material Type

photograph albums
black-and-white photographs

Other People

Clark, William T.
Marr, T. E.
Browne, Herbert W. C., 1860-1946
Little, Arthur, 1852-1925
Anderson, Larz, 1866-1937
Tyson, George, Mrs.

Other Organizations

Little & Browne



Descriptive Terms

Boston, MA
Washington, D.C.
Prides Crossing, MA
Leominster, MA
Norwood, MA
Berwick, ME
Swampscott, MA
Salem, MA
Magnolia, MA

Conservation Note

It is also important to note that albums are in actively deteriorating condition, and that they may in the near future be disassembled from their enclosures.

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