Album 23: Boston Buildings and Streets, Part 2

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The photographs in Album 23 are duplicates of the photographs in Album 22. They appear to have been produced in the 1890s or early 1900s as copies of earlier prints originally produced from the 1850s to the 1880s. The originals have not been located, making these albums a significant resource for views by Boston photographers of churches, streets, and panoramas of Boston Harbor and Back Bay. With a few exceptions, the photographs in volume one are duplicated in volume two. It should also be noted that the quality of photographs is marred by a lack of contrast and a tendency towards dark tones.

The images included in these albums are of: Back Bay; harbor from the Massachusetts State House; Peace Jubilee of 1869; Coliseum; Tremont Street, south; Providence Depot and Park Square; Hotel Pelham; taking down the Hotel Pelham; Public Garden; Masonic Temple; Temple Place; Winthrop House after fire; Old Somerset Club; Daniel Webster house; Tremont Street, north; Bromfield Inn; Federal Street Church; Franklin Street and the first Catholic Church in New England; Summer Street; Water Street; State Street; Old State House; Exchange Building and Post Office; Brattle Square and Brattle Church; Chauncy Street; Court Street; Washington Street from Milk Street; Portland Street and Old National Theater; Hanover Street; Scollay Square building; Howard Athenaeum; Essex and Columbia Streets.


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historic buildings
landmark buildings
churches (buildings)
photograph albums
black-and-white photographs

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album number 23

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1 photograph album; 10 1/8 x 12 1/4 inches

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Photograph albums collection

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Boston (Suffolk county, Massachusetts)

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photograph albums
black-and-white photographs

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Back Bay
Peace Jubilee of 1869
Coliseum, Boston, Mass
Tremont Street, Boston, Mass
Providence Depot, Boston, Mass
Park Square, Boston, Mass
Hotel Pelham, Boston, Mass
Public Garden, Boston, Mass
Masonic Temple, Boston, Mass
Temple Place, Boston, Mass
Winthrop House, Boston, Mass
Old Somerset Club, Boston, Mass
Daniel Webster House, Boston, Mass
Bromfield Inn, Boston, Mass
Federal Street Church, Boston, Mass
Franklin Street, Boston, Mass
Summer Street, Boston, Mass
Water Street, Boston, Mass
State Street, Boston, Mass
Old State House, Boston, Mass
Exchange Building, Boston, Mass
Brattle Square
Chauncy Street, Boston, Mass
Court Street, Boston, Mass
Washington Street, Boston, Mass
Portland Street, Boston, Mass
Old National Theater, Boston, Mass
Hanover Street, Boston, Mass
Scollay Square, Boston, Mass
Howard Athenaeum
Essex Street, Boston, Mass
Columbia Street, Boston, Mass

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Material in Other Collections

Material in Other Collections

The Bostonian Society and the Boston Athenaeum possess similar albums. Some of the photographs are among those reprinted by the Boston Budget at the turn of the century.