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A large album documenting the Penobscot Bay Antique Loan Exhibition held at the Camden Maine Opera House August 11-17 in 1935. The show exhibited antique furniture, chinaware, glassware, pewter, silver and kitchens loaned from families in the Penobscot Bay Region. Show included recognized authorities as guest speakers including Nina Fletcher Little speaking on Early English and Chinese Pottery and Porcelain. As the Portland Telegram and Press Herald said, " Probably never before in the history of Maine, or that of any other New England state, has an exhibition of antiques of such merit been held."
A heavy black leather bound album 14 ½ x 17 1/8 inches in size and containing 87 pages of photographs, pamphlets and news clippings. Cover is embossed with “Penobscot Bay Antique Loan Exhibition, Camden, Maine, August 11-17, 1935”. Each page is clearly labeled with fancy lettered labels; many of which have come unglued. Handwritten labels are fortunately written under these labels.
Album includes black and white photographs of the antique displays as well as portrait groups of the Executive and General Committee for the exhibition. Photos include glassware, dishes, pewter and silver, bedroom, dining room and living room furniture, paintings, and early kitchens. Also included are the exhibition catalog, a ticket to the event, and many pages of newspaper clippings documenting the importance of the event.
Detail in the photographs of the furniture and room arrangements are extremely high quality.A useful album for both the antiques shown, the portraiture illustrating men's and women's dress of the period, and the expansive newspaper clippings from local and as far away as Virginia newspapers. 3 portrait photographs are loose in the album, one of Mrs. Ellwood J. Turner, one of Mrs. George Horace Lorimer and one unidentified.


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antiques (object genre)
photograph albums
black-and-white photographs
newspaper columns

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album number 266

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1 photograph album 14 1/2 x 17 1/8 inches

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Photograph albums collection

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Camden (Knox county, Maine)
Maine (United States)

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photograph albums
black-and-white photographs
newspaper columns

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Little, Nina Fletcher, 1903-1993
Gribble, W. Griffin
Keyes, Homer Eaton, 1875-1938
Eberlein, Harold Donaldson, 1875-1942
McKearin, George S.
Walker , William Greig , Mrs.
Bok, Edward W., Mrs., 1876-1970
Hooper, Parker Morse, 1877-1966

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album # 266