Album of Miss Grace Taylor

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  • Photography


ca. 1895

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photo albums # 162,163,164,166,167



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Photograph album of Miss Grace Taylor. Covers Cambridge and Boston
p. 2 Fireman (?) in snow
p. 4 Soldiers Monument, Cambridge Common
p. 5 Cambridge Station, Porter Square (Neg. #51616-A)
p. 9 John Harvard statue
p. 10 Memorial Hall, Cambridge
p. 11 Memorial Hall, Cambridge
p. 12 Rindge Manual Training School, Cambridge
p. 13 Library, Cambridge
p. 14 New Old South Church, Copley Square, Boston
p. 15 Trinity Church, Copley Square, Boston
p. 16 Lagoon and bridge, Public Garden, Boston
p. 17 Chester Street
p. 21 Park Square subway kiosk, Boston Common
p. 22 From Kingsley Park, Fresh Pond, Cambridge
p. 23 Kingsley Park, Fresh Pond, Cambridge
p. 24 Kingsley Park, Fresh Pond, Cambridge
p. 25 Cambridge (?) (Neg. # 51613-A)
p. 26 Mount Auburn Cemetery. Administration Building
p. 27 Mount Auburn Cemetery. Chapel
p. 28 Mount Auburn Cemetery
p. 29 Mount Auburn Cemetery
p. 30 NECSSA
p. 31 "Hitching Horses to Trees Strictly Forbidden"
p. 32 Johnston Gate, Harvard Yard
p. 33 Wadsworth House, Harvard Yard
p. 34 Avon home, Mt. Auburn St., Cambridge. Facing Mt. Auburn Hospital
p. 35 Mt. Auburn Hospital, Cambridge
p. 36 Probably Cambridge Cemetery (Neg. #50296-A)
p. 37 Cemetery
p. 38 Cemetery
p. 39 Cows
p. 40 Cow
p. 41


Descriptive Terms

historic buildings
university and college buildings
hospitals (buildings for health facility)
churches (buildings)
parks (recreation areas)
subway stations
photograph albums
black-and-white prints (photographs)

Additional Identification Number

album number 162

Physical Description

1 photograph album; 7 3/4 x 6 1/8 inches

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Photograph albums collection

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Cambridge (Middlesex county, Massachusetts)
Boston (Suffolk county, Massachusetts)
Harvard University (Cambridge, Middlesex county, Massachusetts) [university]

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Material Type

photograph albums
black-and-white prints (photographs)

Other People

Taylor , Grace


Harvard Yard (Cambridge, Mass.)
Mount Auburn Cemetary (Cambridge, Mass.)
Historic Building

Descriptive Terms

Cambridge, Mass
Boston, Mass
Mount Auburn Cemetery
Harvard Yard
Harvard University
Park Square Subway
Porter Square Station

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Location Note

photo albums # 162,163,164,166,167