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Discover how you can help preserve New England’s architectural and cultural heritage for future generations.

Make a contribution to the work we do as the nation’s oldest, largest, and most comprehensive regional heritage organization. We make history accessible to a wide number of people with a variety of interests, from scholars to schoolchildren to the general public, from researchers and writers to museum lovers and audiences curious about how life in the past was lived.

Historic New England was founded in 1910 by William Sumner Appleton. Committed to safeguarding the treasures—small and large—that embody the region’s cultural heritage, Appleton made his commitment a reality. As a result, Historic New England now maintains an unparalleled network of historic properties in the region as well as object collections and archives, all of which have something to offer everyone. Our holdings require ongoing preservation, conservation, and interpretation. To show your commitment to helping Historic New England continue to fulfill Appleton’s imperative and steward our important cultural resources, you can select one of the designated funds below. Contributions of any amount are welcome.

Ways to Give

Annual Fund

Your Annual Fund gift helps underwrite Historic New England's day-to-day general operating expenses, education, and other programs. Donate now.

  • Annual Fund

    Your Annual Fund gift helps underwrite Historic New England's day-to-day general operating expenses, education, and other programs. Donate now.

  • Preservation Maintenance Fund

    Your gift supports preservation projects that contribute to the long-term sustainability of Historic New England properties. Donate now.

  • Collections and Conservation Fund

    Support the preservation and care of the nation's largest collection of New England art, antiques, and archival materials. Donate now.

  • School and Youth Programs Fund

    Please help engage the next generation in the stories of New England, so they have the foundation they need to build a strong future for all of us. Donate now.

  • Garden and Landscape Fund

    Historic New England preserves and shares 1,292 acres of landscape, including in many parts of the region where a competitive real-estate market threatens to encroach on open space. Donate now.

More Ways to Give

mcc_star_horizontal_logoGovernment, Foundation, and Corporate Support

Government, foundation, and corporate support has never been more critical. Philanthropic grants provide essential funding for Historic New England’s broad-reaching education programs, exhibitions, preservation services, and the sharing of our expertise and resources with other heritage organizations.

Corporate grants and in-kind gifts are essential to our continued success and recognized throughout the institution.

Corporate donor benefits include:

  • Listing on with your company logo and link
  • Advertisement in Historic New England magazine
  • Listing in the Annual Report
  • Complimentary museum passes for your employees or clients
  • Private guided tour of a Historic New England property
  • Memberships to Historic New England

We are happy to discuss customized benefits to meet your individual needs. Please email [email protected] or call 617-994-5951.

Support has been provided by the Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund, a program of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, administered through a collaborative arrangement between MassDevelopment and the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Historic New England’s school and youth programs are funded in part by:

  • The Barnes Foundation
  • Cambridge Trust Company
  • Christensen-Dunn Early Foundations Fund
  • Institution for Savings
  • The Lowell Institute
    Massachusetts Cultural Council, which receives support from the State of Massachusetts and the National Endowment of the Arts
  • Prince Charitable Trusts
  • The Rhode Island Council for the Humanities

Clo Tepper

Clo Tepper

Join the Otis Society for Planned Giving Donors

The Otis Society is named for Harrison Gray Otis, the prominent lawyer and politician whose 1796 home is a Historic New England museum and home of the Library and Archives. It honors individuals who include Historic New England in their estate plans.

Otis Society benefits include invitations to a variety of events throughout the year and recognition in the Annual Report. If you have already made a provision for Historic New England in your will or estate plan, please let us know so that you will receive Otis Society benefits.

Planned gifts are gifts in which the donor transfers assets to Historic New England or another legal entity (such as a trust) immediately, but the use of the gift by the organization is deferred to a later date. Gift options include:

Bequests: Historic New England encourages its supporters and friends to provide for the future of the organization by including Historic New England in their philanthropic estate plans. A donor may name Historic New England as a beneficiary of his or her will or revocable trust, IRA, retirement plan assets, or life insurance policy. Bequests may be made in the form of cash, securities, specific property, or by naming Historic New England to receive a specific percentage of the estate or the residue of the estate after the payment of all taxes, other bequests, and expenses.

Charitable Gift Annuities: A charitable gift annuity is an agreement between Historic New England and the donor in which the donor transfers cash, securities, or other assets to the organization and, in return, the organization agrees to pay the donor a fixed amount per year for the life of the beneficiary/ies. Upon the death of the income beneficiary/ies, the remaining balance is distributed to Historic New England. The minimum dollar amount which may be donated to create a charitable gift annuity is $10,000.

Deferred Gift Annuities: A deferred gift annuity is similar to a charitable gift annuity except that the donor defers commencement of the fixed income payment to a predetermined point in the future. The minimum dollar amount which may be donated to create a deferred gift annuity is $10,000.

Charitable Remainder Trusts: Charitable remainder trusts are planned giving vehicles that provide income to beneficiaries for life or for a term of years. They are personalized in that the donor and the organization agree upon the payout rate and term. Upon the death of the income beneficiary/ies or completion of the term of years, the remainder is distributed to Historic New England. Historic New England may agree to act as trustee for charitable remainder trusts.

Charitable Lead Trusts: A charitable lead trust is a planned giving instrument wherein the donor pays the “lead” interest to Historic New England and, after a number of years based on a term or a lifetime, the remainder is returned either to the grantor or to someone other than the grantor, such as the grantor’s heirs or other beneficiaries. Historic New England may agree to act as a trustee for a charitable lead trust where the organization is the irrevocable charitable beneficiary.

Real Estate: Historic New England accepts gifts of real estate, both improved and unimproved, including gifts subject to a retained life estate, only after a thorough review of the criteria for acceptance. The donor must submit a letter of intent regarding the gift of real estate before Historic New England will conduct its own due diligence and market analysis. The existence of any and all mortgages, prearranged sales agreements, deeds of trust, restrictions, reservations, easements, mechanic liens, and other encumbrances and limitations of record must be disclosed. No gift of real estate will be accepted unless and until all encumbrances have been discharged, except in very unusual cases. Should a retained life estate gift be accepted, the donor will continue to be responsible for taxes, insurance, and maintenance on the property. If the donor wishes to sell the property prior to death, the donor and Historic New England will jointly negotiate the terms of the sale. The split of sale proceeds will be divided between the donor and Historic New England.

Life Insurance: Historic New England accepts gifts of life insurance policies if the organization is made owner and irrevocable beneficiary of 100% of the policy.

Individuals considering a planned gift are unique in their giving goals, financial means, and outstanding obligations. Please consult your estate planning attorney or financial advisor to determine which of these options is right for you.

To learn more or make a planned gift, please email [email protected] or call 617-994-5951.

Clemence-Irons House guide Carolyn NelsonMake a Gift in the Name of Someone Special

Celebrate cherished friends and family by making a gift in their honor or memory. Contact the development office at 617-994-5951, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or sending a check to Historic New England, 151 Essex Street, Haverhill, Mass. 01832.

Please provide contact information (mailing address and phone number or email address) and the mailing address of the honoree or the next of kin of the memorialized, if known. With the donation, please note the name of the honoree or the memorialized as it should appear in the Annual Report and the designation (if any) of the gift. Checks should be made out to Historic New England.

Discover how you can help preserve New England's architectural and cultural heritage for future generations.

Make a gift online or call 617-994-5951