L. D. [Louisa Dresel] America 1908

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photo albums # 221



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This album is bound with a hard cover and stamped " L.D. America 1908." The title page is inscribed " Louisa Dresel, October 1907 to March 1911". Photograph dates in the album actually begin with 1908 to 1911. Contains black and white photographs taken by Louisa Loring Dresel ( 1864-1958) of her travels, family and friends, and summers spent in Beverly , Massachusetts. Most of the locations are identified by Dresel, and photographs of people are listed with initials, or descriptive and sometimes amusing captions. The bulk of the photographs are of summers spent in Beverly and the surrounding areas of Gloucester, Annisqaum, Marblehead, Ipswich, Essex and Nahant. Many are of beach scenes, fish piers, boatyards and piers. There are ocean views taken from the porch and grounds of "Thisselwood." There are also a number of images of family pets, especially Louisa's dog, Roy. Some of these photographs are of Louisa and Roy and with the initials "E.R." beneath the photograph, indicating that they were taken by Eva Roemer, a close friend of Louisa's . Other Beverly locations show the classical gardens of William and John Spauling, showing the moat, statuary, and terraces. Other summer activities are captured in the series of photographs taken at the Myopia Hunt Club in Hamilton depicting fox hunts, horse shows, a litter of hunting puppies, and "push ball," a game somewhat like polo, but using a very large ball. There are also a number of photographs, dated 1910 of a very early airplane which may have been in the Beverly area. Other unique photographs depict the Floating Hospital, and battleships off Mingo Beach, Beverly, taken in August of 1911. Boston area photographs include some scenes after snowstorms on Boston Common and Milton, the Neponset River, and a house and conservatory of friends in Milton and Readville. Most likely due to her close friendship with Sarah Orne Jewett, who died in June of 1909, Dresel spent some time in South Berwick, Maine in October of that same year, where she took photographs of the Jewett House and Hamilton House. Travel photographs in the album include: Niagara Falls, New York City street scenes; the Flat Iron building; New York Harbor; Wall Street; and Central Park. Other photographs are of Washingtgon, D.C., The White House, The Potomac River, Mount Vernon, Philadelphia, Independence Hall, and Hoboken, New Jersey. Additionally, there are some landscapes taken in Jackson and Intervale New Hampshire. Dresel also took photographs of friends and family and surroundings while attending weddings in Whitehall and Buffalo, New York.


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railroad cars
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horse-drawn vehicles
horseback riding
hospital ships
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album number 221

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1 photograph album; 10 1/4 x 12 3/8 inches

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Photograph albums collection

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Massachusetts (United States)
Maine (United States)
Beverly (Essex county, Massachusetts)
Boston (Suffolk county, Massachusetts)
Virginia (United States)
Philadelphia (Philadelphia county, Pennsylvania)
Washington (DC)
New Hampshire (United States)
New Jersey (United States)
New York state (United States)

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Dresel, Louisa Loring, Miss (Photographer)

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photograph albums
black-and-white prints (photographs)

Other People

Dresel, Louisa Loring, Miss
Gallison, Henry Hammond
Roemer , Eva


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Hamilton, Mass
Myopia Hunt Club
Beverly, Mass
Annisquam, Mass
Concord, Mass
East Gloucester, Mass
Gloucester, Mass
Essex, Mass
Framingham, Mass
Ipswich, Mass
Manchester, Mass
Marblehead, Mass
Nahant, Mass
Neponset River
North Andover, Mass
Milton, Mass
Readville, Mass
Exeter, NH
Intervale, NH
Jackson, NH
Hoboken, NJ
Buffalo, NY
New York, NY
Whitehall, NY
Washington, DC
South Berwick, Maine
Mingo Beach (Beverly, Mass)
female photographers
fox hunts
push ball

Accruals Note

Louisa Loring Dresel was the first child of Otto Dresel ( 1826-1890), a noted Boston composer, born in Geisenheim, Germany, and Anna Loring Dresel, the daughter of Ellis Gray Loring, a prominent Boston lawyer and abolitionist. Louisa had a younger brother, Ellis, who also practiced law and international diplomacy. For much of the year the Dresels lived at 328 Beacon Street in Boston, but spent their summers at "Thisselwood" the family home on Cove Hill in Beverly, Massachusetts near Pride's Crossing. Notations in the album state that the house was remodeled in October 1910.
Louisa was interested in the arts, and studied painting for many years. In a letter to her friend, Sarah Orne Jewett in 1892, Louisa describes attending the watercolor classes of Ross Sterling Turner, the Ritter Studio, and Miss Johnston's studio. She also mentions in the letter that she had previously attended Miss Johnston's studio as a girl of eleven or twelve. Later, she also became interested in photography, and became a member of the Society of Arts and Crafts in Boston during the years 1899 through 1919. Dresel was also a friend of Henry Hammond Gallison, ( 1850- 1910), the landscape painter, who had a studio in Annisquam, Massachusetts. Some photographs labeled H.H. G. have been removed from the album, as well as some of "Thisselwood" taken before it was remodeled.

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photo albums # 221