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Historic New England is happy to host members of the media at our historic sites or share information about our collections and programs. We are able to arrange tours, interviews, or photo shoots to ensure you are as productive as possible.

Contact: Susanna Crampton, public relations officer, 617-994-5955.

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Photo and Film Shoots at Historic New England

Guidelines on personal and professional shoots

To allow for the enjoyment of all visitors to Historic New England’s properties and to help us care for our buildings, collections, and landscapes, we appreciate your compliance with our guidelines for personal and professional photography. Historic New England properties are first and foremost historic sites open for house and garden tours, public programs, and function rentals. Historic New England occasionally contracts with photographers to use the properties as commercial location sites or to film for the promotional purposes of Historic New England.

Personal/Recreational Photography

Personal/recreational photography is candid, souvenir-type photography using a non-paid photographer. The photographs are not to be used commercially. Costumes, props, and photo equipment such as tripods and large camera bags are prohibited. Large group photography for personal use requires advance reservations with the site manager or permission from the site manager. Professional portraits of any kind are not considered personal/recreational photography.

Outdoor photography for personal use is permitted during regular museum and grounds operating hours. Visitors are welcome to take personal photographs of the exterior of Historic New England’s properties. Guests are not permitted to walk in plant beds or to handle any plants, plant containers, or outdoor sculpture.

Interior photography for personal use is allowed during guided tours at Historic New England properties. For the safety and comfort of our visitors and the protection of our historic sites, we ask that you be aware of your surroundings and stay with your group. Video and selfie sticks are not allowed. Historic New England reserves the right to withhold and/or withdraw permission to photograph on its premises.

Professional/Commercial Photography

Professional photography is any session using a paid photographer or any professional-style shoot, including wedding, family, or special event portraits. Professional photography is permitted when approved in advance, requires a signed contract between the photographer and Historic New England along with a certificate of insurance, and is subject to fees. Exceptions may be made to the fee schedule when photography is determined by our organization, in its sole discretion, to promote Historic New England as a cultural institution or events venue.

Outdoor photography for commercial purposes requires advance approval and a contract. Guests and photographers are not permitted to walk in plant beds or handle plants, plant containers, or outdoor sculpture, including the placement of props or equipment. Photography involving nudity is not permitted.

Wedding and engagement photography at the properties where Historic New England rents space for functions is permitted exclusively by photographer(s) or videographer(s) hired by the bridal parties renting the property as their special event venue.

All commercial photo shoots must be scheduled through the media relations office in advance. Download a sample copy of our contract. All requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and must include your name, use, publisher, and date of publication.

Media Photography

Photography by the news media should be scheduled through Historic New England’s media relations office at [email protected].

Drone Photography

Commercial or recreational use of drones is not allowed at Historic New England properties unless it is for purposes deemed beneficial to Historic New England. Typical uses include building and landscape assessment, property documentation, and photography and videography for marketing or publicity purposes. Permission for drone flight at a Historic New England property requires the written approval of the team leader for property care.

Images from Historic New England

Images from may be used for school or academic reference free of charge for non-publication purposes in a school setting. Credit should be given to Historic New England and photos used from should link back to the source. Historic New England cannot give permission for images it does not own that are credited on its website. It is the responsibility of the user to contact the image owner for permission and to make sure they are in compliance with copyright laws.

Historic New England has a library of digital images available for non-commercial publication and promotional opportunities. All requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and must include your name, use of the image, publisher, date of publication, requested image, and photography format requirements.

Historic New England Use of Photography

Historic New England may photograph or film its events and public programs. Unless you notify the photographer on site otherwise, your attendance at an event or program grants Historic New England permission to display and/or publish any photographs in which you appear. These photographs may be used in any and all of Historic New England’s publications and in any and all other media without limitation and are not subject to compensation. These materials are the property of Historic New England.


All requests for photography or filming on site are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and must include your name, use, publisher, and date of publication. Historic New England reserves the right to withhold and/or withdraw permission to photograph at its sites or to reproduce photographs in its collections. Staff has the authority to approach anyone to enforce these rules. Failure to comply may result in removal from the premises. Please follow any verbal instructions.

Historic New England Fact Sheet

Useful facts and figures

Historic New England saves and shares New England’s past to engage and inform present and future generations. We are the oldest and largest regional heritage organization in the nation. Historic New England engages diverse audiences in developing a deeper understanding and enjoyment of New England home life by being the national leader in collecting, preserving, and using significant buildings, landscapes, archives, stories, and objects from the past to today.

We serve the public through five key program areas: Homes, Farms, and Landscapes; Artifacts, Archives, and Stories; School and Youth Programs; Preservation Services, and Community Engagement and Leadership.

Our thirty-seven historic sites span four centuries of architectural styles and five New England states. Historic New England takes care of 160 buildings with 2,903 windows, 147 chimneys, 67 heating systems, and 284,228 square feet of roofs.

Number of Historic New England sites that are National Historic Landmarks: 14

Number of acres of historic gardens and open spaces that Historic New England preserves: Historic New England shares more than 1,284 acres with the public at our historic sites. In total, we protect 2,191 acres of land, which includes the 907 acres protected through our Preservation Easement Program.

Number of people who visited Historic New England sites in 2017: We welcomed 214,651 people to our properties in 2017. This includes visitors who came for guided tours, group tours, exhibitions, public programs, school programs, private functions, community meetings and events, and to enjoy the landscapes.

Number of objects in Historic New England’s collection: There are more than 123,000 objects in Historic New England’s collection. It is the largest assemblage of New England art and artifacts in the country. We share this collection with the public through local and regional exhibitions; through our Collections Access database; and at our historic sites, where more than 60,000 objects are on display.

Number of items in Historic New England’s Library and Archives: There are more than 1.5 million items documenting New England’s architectural and cultural history in the Library and Archives. The archival collection includes:

Number of people who attended Historic New England exhibitions in 2017: In 2017, 2,268 people enjoyed Historic New England exhibitions that traveled to other venues. These exhibitions included Touring New England, 1830 – 1960 and White on White: Churches of Rural New England.

Number of students served in 2017: Historic New England served 46,939 students in 2017 from 194 communities. We offer more than fifty different school programs at thirteen sites: Arnold House, Casey Farm, Castle Tucker, Codman Estate, Coffin House, Hamilton House, Sarah Orne Jewett House Museum and Visitor Center, Nickels-Sortwell House, Otis House, Pierce House, Quincy House, Roseland Cottage, and Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm. Our school and youth programs are recognized for their innovative use of historic resources to reinforce and enrich student learning.

Number of public programs offered in 2017: Historic New England offered 190 public programs in 2017 that were enjoyed by 70,788 participants.

Number of privately owned properties in the Preservation Easement Program: There are currently 106 privately owned historic properties across New England protected through Historic New England’s Preservation Easement Program, one of the first preservation easement programs in the country, and the model on which many other programs are based.

Number of Historic New England members: Historic New England has 8,850 member households. More than ninety percent of Historic New England members live in one of the six New England states but the breadth, importance, and vitality of our mission draws the interest and support of individuals from forty-one states outside New England. Members of Historic New England receive free admission to all thirty-seven historic sites; three issues per year of Historic New England magazine, the Guide to Historic Properties, Historic New England News, membership card, passport, discounts on purchases made at shops and online, access to nearly one hundred free-to-members programs and events, and discounts on public programs.

Complimentary and reduced admissions: Historic New England provides complimentary and discounted tour admissions to the following groups/members with appropriate identification:

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