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Collections on Display

Tiffany Tall Clock

Tiffany clockThis mahogany tall clock was manufactured by the New York-based Tiffany & Company in 1885.  It is one of several Tiffany pieces in the Merwin House collection.








Golf Trophy


Vipont Merwin was an accomplished golfer and horsewoman.  This trophy, commemorating a 1931 tournament win at Pinehurst in North Carolina, is one of many awards that she won in sports competitions.




Curio Cabinet


Delicately painted with a lovers’ scene on the front panel, this French gold curio cabinet was used to display the family’s prized memorabilia and small works of art. Vipont Merwin’s Daughters of the American Revolution and Colonial Dames pins are some of the items on display the cabinet.







Comb and Brush Set

Comb and brush set

Composed of several brushes and combs, this bedroom set belonged to Vipont Merwin.  Some of the pieces in the collection are decorated with a Repoussé floral decoration and are engraved with Vipont Merwin’s initials.  The maker and date of the set are unknown.



Hair Brooch

Hair brooch

This American-made hair brooch (c. 1850-1880) was part of Vipont Merwin’s jewelry collection.  Hair jewelry reached its height of popularity in the mid-nineteenth century.  Hair was often woven into a variety of forms and shapes and then set with gold or gold-filled mounts, like the one see here. One could either commission hair jewelry through a professional hair worker, or attempt to make it with a hair kit that could be purchased through periodicals such as Godey’s Lady’s Book.  The maker of the brooch is unknown.

Collections on Display