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1880-1973, undated



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This series consists of 170 albums of photographs of a wide variety of furniture and interior furnishings manufactured by A. H. Davenport Co., Irving and Casson, and their successor Irving and Casson - A. H. Davenport between 1880 and 1973. Albums have titles and volume numbers assigned by their creators; however, some labels are now missing and it is not possible to discern the appropriate volume number. The albums contain over 17,000 pages, approximately 14,400 of which contain a total of 14,671 black-and-white photographs. Digital images of approximately 30% of the photographs in the albums are attached to the records of the related albums.

There are two styles of albums. Eighty-seven albums have a beige fabric covering and a vertical orientation. The remaining 83 albums have a dark brown leather covering and have a horizontal or landscape orientation. Albums have either handwritten or attached paper labels with titles and volume numbers. The album titles are often duplicated between the two types; many of the photographs are also duplicates. It is presumed that the two sets were for the Boston and New York offices. Based on New York stationer labels found in two of the brown leather covered albums, it is presumed that this series was used in the New York office.

A wide array of furniture and interior furnishings are depicted in the photographs, including household items, office furnishings and church furnishings. Seven albums depict furnishings and interiors from other sources such as French chateaux and early American historic houses. It is presumed that these were used as design resources by the firms; none of these photographs are among those digitized.

The order number and year are often shown on a display in the photographs; model numbers have also been provided in some cases. Customer names are handwritten on some album pages. Over 1,400 customers are identified and include individuals, churches; corporations, and schools and universities. Identified clients include: Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corp. (Quincy, MA); Boston College (Boston, MA); James Cox Brady (Gladstone, NJ); Nicholaf F. Brady (Roslyn, NY); Brown University (Providence, RI); Cathedral of St. John the Divine (New York, NY); Benjamin Newton Duke (Durham, NC); Estey Organ Co. (Brattleboro,VT); Harvard Univerity (Cambridge, MA); Lord and Taylor (New York, NY); E. Parmalee Prentice (Williamstown, MA); John D. Rockefeller, Jr.; Henry Davis Sleeper (Boston, MA); St. Patrick's Cathedral (New York, NY); State of Nebraska, Nebraska State Capital (Lincoln, NE); State of Washington, Washington State Capital (Olympia, WA); and F. W. Woolworth (Glen Cove, NY). The record for each album contains a full listing of of clients identified therein. Additionally, a consolidated list of customers is available upon request.

One album has not been processed due to condition issues.


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photograph albums
black-and-white photographs

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170 photograph albums containing approximately 14,670 photographs; ca. 187 linear feet

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Irving and Casson - A. H. Davenport -- Collection I

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A. H. Davenport Co. (American furniture manufactory, active late 19th-early 20th centuries) (Compiler)
Irving & Casson
Irving & Casson - A. H. Davenport Co. (Compiler)

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photograph albums
black-and-white photographs

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Albums are arranged in the sequence developed by The Strong Museum which follows the order of known volume numbers.