"The Old War Horse" - "Nokomis" steam yacht, undated

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OVP 91



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Photograph of "Nokomis" prior to conversion to an armed submarine-chasing and coastal patrol boat by the U.S. Navy.


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photographic prints
photomechanical prints


225 Foot Twin Screw steam yacht. Nokomis
designed by Giclow & Orr. Built for Horace E. Dodge, Esq.,
By the Posey and Jones Corporation,
Washington, Delaware. (printed)
Gift of Wm S. Appleton (impressed)
The Old War Horse
This photograph was taken during the only trip Nokomis ever made as a pleasure craft - her acceptance cruise from Wilmington, Delaware to New York harbor. Her owner, the late Mr. Horace E. Dodge of Detroit, enjoyed the briefest glimpse of her palatial quarters and luxurious equipment before the declaration of the war brought the Navy Department's urgent request for fast, seaworthy yachts that could be converted into armed vessels for submarine chasing and coast patrol. Nokomis was among the first to join the forces, and did meritorious service throughout the war as an off-shore patrol boat; mounting a three inch rifle, rapid fire guns and depth-bomb carriers. Unlike the majority of pleasure boats which were returned to their owners with thanks - or scrapped after their usefulness was over, Nokomis was purchased outright at the recommendation of her war-time commander and is still in the active service of the United States Navy.
This is the second of a series illustrating boats that have played important roles in the commercial, naval and social life of America. (printed)

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Oversize photograph number OVP0269

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1 photographic print : photomechanical, hand-tinted green ; 25 x 17 inches

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General photographic collection

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17 x 25 (HxW)(inches)

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photographic prints
photomechanical prints

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United States. Navy

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OVP 91

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