Group portrait of (probably) Mrs. Andrew C. Wheelwright's Sewing Circle

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Group portrait of (probably) Mrs. Andrew C. Wheelwright's Sewing Circle. Three of the seated women have sewing materials on their laps.


Descriptive Terms

Costume (Hierarchy Name)
group portraits
clubs (associations)
albumen prints


Verso of mount: Believed to be the Sewing Circle of Mrs. Andrew C. Wheelwright of Boston or the Chestnut [in pencil: ^ St.] Charitable Society, 1889, of Boston Gift of Miss Mary C. Wheelwright, 8 Jan. 1941 Standing, left to right 1. Mrs Charles Hemenway (Clara, Eliza Cabot, Caddie Jaintor) 2. Mrs. Henry Bellows (Anna Heidekofer Peabody) (Henry, Bob, Mrs. Ellen Derby (Robinson Endicott) 3. 4. 5. Mrs. Charles Henry Parker (Laura Wolcott Jackson) ([illegible] Charles) 6. Mrs. Matthew Luce (Matthew, Edith) 7. Mrs. Henry Sturgis Grew (Jennie Wigglesworth) (Ned, Rita Crosby, Jessie Morgan, Elsie Beal) Sitting, left to right 1 Mrs. Edward Hall 2 Mrs. Wm. H. Hall 3 Miss Eliza Goodwin 4 Mrs. Channing Clapp 5 [crossed out: Mrs. Henry Lee Higginson] 6. Mrs. Henry Lee Higginson (Ada Agassiz) (Alex.) 7. Mrs S. Parkman Blake (Bob, Marnie) 8 Mrs. Robert H. Stevenson (Caroline Young) (Bob, Tom, Hannah Wolcott, Lena Saltonstall) 9 Mrs. Oliver Wadsworth (Mrs. Lou Sullivan, Dick, Eliot, Bessie Waring) 10 Mrs. Edward Cranch Perkins (Jennie Watson) (Nelson and Kip) 11 Mrs. Charles Folsom. (Dr. C. F.) Mrs A.C. Wheelwright's Sewing Circle Mrs S. Parkman Blake president Mrs H. L. Higginson [circled: behind] at her right [twice:] Gift of Miss Mary C. Wheelwright. 8 Jan. 1941 {Games #10 File Wheelwright copy neg. 11868-B}

Additional Identification Number

OVP Photo Database Number 166
OVP Number OVP0321
Negative Number 11868-B

Physical Description

1 photographic print

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Collection Name

General photographic collection

Date of Acquisition

08 January 1941

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Image Dimensions

13.125 x 16.375 (HxW)(inches)

Credit Line

Gift of Miss Mary C. Wheelwright.

Record Details

Material Type

albumen prints


Sewing--Equipment and supplies
Boston (Mass.)

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