Informal group portrait of unidentified men standing in front of the Bromfield House, Bromfield Street, Boston, Mass.

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  • Photography

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OVP-M-01 - OVP0023



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The sign reads "Bromfield House, 1844, S. Frank Crockett." An informal group portrait of unidentified men stands in front of the Bromfield House (36-38 Bromfield Street) and a neighboring barber shop. A horse-drawn carriage is parked in front of the tavern. The Bromfield Street Church is partially visible (far right). A woman leans out of the building window above the barbershop.


Descriptive Terms

exterior views
commercial buildings
hotels (public accommodations)
churches (buildings)
albumen prints


Verso of mount: Gift of Mrs. Alex S. Porter 11 April 1919 [in a different hand, in ink:] Gift of Mrs. Alex S. Porter 11 April 1919 In memory of Mr. Porter #7 Old Bromfield St. {Streets #3}; Dupe, recto of mounht: Bromfield St. Boston - 1850; Dupe, verso of mount: Duplicate [in a different hand:] Exchange with Henry Deeks, June 1985 [in a different hand:] 76-94 [in a different hand:] 15 x 19 1/4 #1335 A. H. Rick[ards]

Additional Identification Number

OVP Photo Database Number 16
OVP Number OVP0023

Physical Description

1 photographic print, mounted

Collection Code


Collection Name

General photographic collection

Date of Acquisition

11 April 1919

Reference Code


Image Dimensions

10.5 x 16 (HxW)(inches)

Credit Line

Gift of Mrs. Alex S. Porter in memory of Mr. Porter, 11 April 1919.


Downtown Crossing (Boston, Suffolk county, Massachusetts) [neighborhood]
Boston (Suffolk county, Massachusetts)

Record Details

Material Type

albumen prints

Other Organizations

Bromfield House (Boston, Mass.)
Bromfield Street Church (Boston, Mass.)


Architectural photography
Bromfield Street (Boston, Mass.)


OVP0023: Fine cracks in emulsion across recto, small piece of bottom left corner of mount missing; OVP0035.1: liquid stains on recto, recto of mount, and verso of mount; large pieces of left and right edges of mount missing

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Location Note

OVP-M-01 - OVP0023

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