Group Tours at the Eustis Estate (1878)

A marvel of the Aesthetic Movement

Explore a rare surviving example of late nineteenth-century architecture and design. Designed by renowned Boston architect William Ralph Emerson and built in 1878, the Eustis Estate sits on eighty acres of picturesque landscape at the base of the Blue Hills. Full of stunning, intact architectural and design details, the Eustis Estate is a historic site unlike any other in the Greater Boston area.

The Eustis Estate has special exhibition galleries on the second floor that are included with your tour admission. The galleries feature exhibitions that highlight pieces from Historic New England’s extensive collection, as well as loan exhibitions from other institutions.

1424 Canton Avenue, Milton, Mass. 02186

Hours of Operation:
10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

All group tours must be scheduled by appointment. In addition to open days, group tours may be scheduled at times the museum is closed to the public.



Specialty Tours

We are happy to work with you to customize your experience.

  • Self-Guided Tour: After a brief introduction, explore the house and grounds at your own pace in the order that you choose. Unlike at most Historic New England properties, you do not need to stay with a guide and can even sit on most of the furniture.
  • Behind the Ropes Tour: Enjoy an approximately one-hour guided tour that takes you into roped-off spaces and areas not on the public tour.

  • Guided Landscape Tour: Explore the fields, woodland, and gardens as you learn about the landscape and history of the property. The tour also examines the exterior architecture of the house and other original buildings built between 1878 and 1902. Can be done on its own or in combination with either tour above.
  • Sunset Tour: Your group can explore the house as the sun sets in an exclusive after-hours experience. Watch as the changing light transforms the rich colors of the Aesthetic Movement interiors.

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