Group Tours at Otis House (1796)

Discover where Beacon Hill began

A National Historic Landmark

Discover what life was like for Boston’s elite after the American Revolution, as the city grew and Beacon Hill became its most fashionable address. In 1796 Harrison Gray Otis, a congressman and real estate entrepreneur, and his wife, Sally, lived and entertained lavishly in this elegantly furnished home designed by their friend Charles Bulfinch.

Learn about the Otises, their young family, their servants, and the people who lived here after them, when the building was a genteel boarding house. Otis House portrays both high-style living in the Federal era and the cycles of change in a dynamic urban neighborhood.

141 Cambridge Street, Boston, Mass.

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  • Guided House Tour: Enjoy an approximately one-hour guided tour; please allow one and a half hours for your visit.
  • Ladies of the House: View Otis House through the lens of women’s history. Otis House is rich with stories of remarkable women, from a wealthy politician’s wife and mother in the late eighteenth century, to an entrepreneur and holistic physician in the 1830s, to four sisters who ran a Victorian boarding house. On this tour, discover these stories and relevant social history of women’s lives in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

  • Beacon Hill Walking Tour: Go beyond the brick sidewalks and charming gardens and learn about Beacon Hill’s development in the Federal era. The fortunes, ambitions, and struggles of Beacon Hill’s early residents, both wealthy and working class, shaped the streets, architecture, and character of the hill. Start with a tour of Otis House, the earliest intact mansion in the neighborhood, and continue on Beacon Hill’s historic streets.
  • Women of Beacon Hill Walking Tour: Take a stroll around Beacon Hill and discover the stories of the women who shaped the history and charm of the neighborhood over the centuries: wealthy and working class, black and white, entrepreneurs and reformers, artists and preservationists.

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