Group Tours at Quincy House (1770)

A country house for a revolutionary family

A National Historic Landmark

This country estate overlooking Quincy Bay transports visitors to the Revolutionary War era. It also tells the story of a woman’s work to preserve her family’s history more than a hundred years later. Revolutionary leader Josiah Quincy built Quincy House in 1770. During the months leading up to the war, he observed troop movements from its monitor, a half-story space above the roof with windows on all sides.

Quincy and his family played key roles in the social and political life of Massachusetts for generations. In the early 1880s Eliza Susan Quincy made it her life’s work to document the historic significance of her family’s home. She kept journals, inventoried the contents of the house, commissioned photographs of the interior, and persuaded relatives to return heirlooms so that the house could become a repository of Quincy family history.

20 Muirhead Street, Quincy, Mass.

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  • Guided House Tour: Enjoy an approximately one-hour guided tour; please allow one and a half hours for your visit.
  • Asian Art at Quincy House: Asian art and culture has long captured the western imagination. Beginning with the China Trade in the late eighteenth century and continuing through the nineteenth-century Victorian fascination, the Quincy family amassed an impressive collection of Asian and Asian-inspired artwork and luxury goods.

  • A Revolutionary Family: Quincy House was built in 1770, the same year that five Bostonians died in the Boston Massacre, an event that moved the Massachusetts Bay colony toward Revolution. Josiah Quincy’s sons, Samuel and Josiah Jr., found themselves on opposite sides of the Boston Massacre trial. Historic New England shares this dramatic story and more of the Quincy’s family activities during the American Revolution. This special tour of Quincy House brings the Revolution to life and personalizes history by using the spaces, objects, and words of Quincy family members themselves.

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