Family papers


This series includes the papers of individual family members. When studying a particular subject, it is important to cross check the files of various family members, because they may contain complementary information (for instance, the financial records of Jonathan Sayward should be studied in conjunction with those of his grandson Jonathan Sayward Barrell because the latter continued the business activities of the former). The genealogical notes that originally were added to the files by Nathaniel Wheeler have been removed and filed with his own papers (box 1, folder 56).


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family papers
financial records
legal documents
family papers

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0.65 linear feet (approx. 413 items)

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Sayward family papers

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York Harbor (York county, Maine)

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family papers

Other People

Barrell, Anna Plummer, 1926
Barrell, Elizabeth Sayward, 1799-1883
Barrell, John Sayward, 1776-1867
Barrell, Jonathan Sayward, 1776-1867
Barrell, Jonathan Sayward, II, 1797-1866
Barrell, Joseph Sayward, 1808-1862
Barrell, George Guelphs, 1780-1838
Barrell, Mary Plummer, 1771-1814
Barrell, Nathaniel, 1732-1831
Barrell, Nathaniel Sayward, 1795-1853
Barrell, Sarah "Sally" Sayward, 1738-1805
Barrell, Mary Sayward, 1803-1889
Cheever, George Barrell, 1807-1890
Cheever, Charlotte Sayward Barrell, 1778-1853
Cheever, Nathaniel, 1778-1859
Cheever, Henry T. (Henry Theodore), 1814-1897
Hine, Thomas Avery
Rockwood, Ellen Tyler Cheever, 1860-1933
Sayward, Elizabeth Plummer, 1764-1810
Sayward, Jonathan, 1713-1797
Sayward, Joseph, 1684-1741
Washburn, Elizabeth Bancroft Cheever, 1812-1893
Wheeler, Elizabeth Bancroft (Cheever), 1862-1947
Wheeler, Eunice, 1903-1981
Wheeler, Leonard, 1845-1935
Wheeler, Nathaniel, 1906-1979
Wood, Sally Sayward Barrell Keating, 1759-1855

Other Organizations

Barrell family
Cheever family
Sayward family
Wheeler family

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The family papers are arranged into subseries by individual, and the individuals are ordered by generation from earliest to most recent. When papers of spouses are present, they are filed one after the other. Within each individual's papers, the materials are arranged by subject, such as financial or legal.

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