Group Tours at Hamilton House (c. 1785)

Romancing the past

A National Historic Landmark

In the early twentieth century Emily Tyson and her stepdaughter Elise used this c. 1785 house overlooking the Salmon Falls River as their Colonial Revival summer retreat. They created a lavish garden, commissioned whimsical murals in the dining room and parlor, and filled the house with the antique furnishings, handcrafted items, and decorative objects on view today.

Visit this picturesque landmark and experience the early twentieth-century romance of owning a country house away from the pollution and noise of the era’s growing cities.

40 Vaughan’s Lane, South Berwick, Maine

Specialty Tours

We are happy to work with you to customize your experience.

  • Guided House Tour: Enjoy an approximately one-hour guided tour; please allow one and a half hours for your visit.
  • Garden Party Tour: After touring the house, enjoy a picnic lunch on the grounds with tea provided by Historic New England. Learn what it would have been like to attend a 1920s garden party and the etiquette followed at a country house.
  • Tussie-Mussies: After touring the house, learn about the restored Hamilton House gardens and the language of flowers and make your own tussie-mussie, a small flower bouquet with symbolic meaning popular in the Victorian era. Offered July 1 – July 31.

  • Sarah Orne Jewett and the Tysons: Visit both Hamilton House and nearby Sarah Orne Jewett House Museum for a day’s outing. Learn about the friendship between Sarah Orne Jewett and the Tyson family and their roles in preserving Hamilton House. Enjoy a picnic lunch at Hamilton House or visit one of the local restaurants in South Berwick.

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