Group Tours at Sarah Orne Jewett House (1774)

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Author Sarah Orne Jewett (1849-1909) spent much of her life in this 1774 Georgian house, owned by her family since 1819, even using it as an inspiration for her novel Deephaven. Jewett and her sister Mary inherited the house and decorated it for their own use, expressing both a pride in their family’s past and their own independent, sophisticated tastes.

The result is an eclectic blend of eighteenth-century architecture, antiques, and wallpapers with furnishings showing the influence of the Arts and Crafts movement. Tour this National Historic Landmark and learn about Jewett’s life and celebrated career. See the original desk where she often wrote, situated in the upper hall overlooking South Berwick’s active town center. The visitor center next door to the museum is a Greek Revival home where Sarah Orne Jewett lived as a child.

5 Portland Street, South Berwick, Maine

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  • Guided House Tour: Enjoy an approximately one hour guided tour; please allow one and a half hours for your visit.
  • Book Discussion Tour: Enjoy a tour of Sarah Orne Jewett’s home including her writing desk, and learn about the place and people who inspired her. After your tour, enjoy tea and conversation on the book considered Jewett’s masterpiece Country of the Pointed Firs. Other Jewett book selections may be possible for your group.

  • Sarah Orne Jewett and the Tysons: Visit both Sarah Orne Jewett House Museum and nearby Hamilton House for a day’s outing. Learn about the friendship between Sarah Orne Jewett and the Tyson family and their roles in preserving Hamilton House. Enjoy a picnic lunch at Hamilton House or visit one of the local restaurants in South Berwick.

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