Summer Fun Days, Ages 5-13

Join us for learning and fun all summer long

At Casey Farm

Casey Farm offers special one-day programs that engage your child in fun farm activities highlighting the history and science of farming and farm life. Each program is run by experienced camp counselors in small group settings. Children visit with the farm animals and help feed and care for them as well as pick fresh vegetables for a snack.

Thank you for a wonderful Summer 2022! Registration for 2023 will open in late winter – please check here for updates.

Sample Programs

Natural Artists
Nature has inspired talented artists throughout time. During this creative day, campers draw inspiration from the outdoor world to create masterpieces using nature as their medium. Casey Farm lets children return to our artistic roots as they create art on rocks, make leaf rubbings and nature prints, assemble their own dream catchers from natural materials, design eggshell mosaics, craft nature walk bracelets, and play games between crafts. We let nature take the lead on this day of creative and imaginative fun. Ages 6-12

Casey Farm Olympics
Historically, farm kids worked hard and went they got a chance they played up a storm! Today’s kids invent a team name, construct a team banner and then spend the day playing at Casey Farm. Join us for a series of games with farm flair such as Farm Boot Toss and Sack Race. Other games are historic (Hoop Race, Quoits, and Nine Pins), cooperative (Capture the Flag, Egg Drop, and Run the Gauntlet), or silly (Cottonball Scoop, Balloon Over Under, and Clothespin Tag). Wear your sneakers and bring lots of energy. Ages 5-12

Pirate Adventures
Tuesday, August 23
Campers spend a swashbuckling, action-packed day pretending to be pirates. They make eye patches, pirate flags, fake swords, pirate puppets, and paper pirate ships. Activities include a special visit by a professional pirate to demonstrate pirate weaponry, hunting for booty, playing pirate games, singing pirate songs, and racing pirate ships on our pond. Ages 5 – 12

Rhythm and Roots on the Farm
Thursday, August 25
For the musician in all of us! Enjoy a day of rhythm and music at Casey Farm. Campers create their own musical instruments including a “piano” made of water-filled jars, drums made from old flowerpots, maracas, straw flutes, and more! Children spend the day singing their favorite songs, listening to the rhythm of nature, going on a musical nature walk, playing musical chairs, participating in the Broom Dance and other musical activities led by our experienced staff. Ages 5 – 11

Indigenous Peoples: A Day in the Life of a Narragansett
Friday, August 26
If you had been a Narragansett girl or boy hundreds of years ago, what would you be doing on a summer’s day? Build authentic summer quarters, cook traditional Narragansett food, discover what “Namaquat” means, and learn about many other aspects of Native American life in Rhode Island, including clothing, games, chants, stories, and crafts. Ages 6-12

Crazy Cool Hose-Down
Campers explore our farm pond and cranberry bog, catch frogs, water the garden, and then cool off in a series of wet and wild games, including Water Balloon Volleyball, Sponge Ball, Drip Drip Splash, Fireman’s Relay, and Water Balloon Sling Shot. After lunch the campers get to play in Casey Farm’s Water Olympics events including the Water Balloon Toss, Sponge Ball, Water Toss, Waiter Wars, and more. Campers must wear a bathing suit under clothes and water shoes or old sneakers and be prepared to get wet. Ages 6 – 12

Magic Making
Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble! Come enjoy a day on the farm exploring the magical arts! We will start the day with a hike to the bay to collect magical ingredients. Campers will be brewing potions, creating magic wands, and writing spells with the historic art of quill writing. We will play enchanting games, make paper plate dragons, and enjoy the charm of the farm. Ages 6 –12

Making Old-Fashioned Food
Campers discover how nineteenth-century farmers grew, preserved, and prepared their food. Campers will collect and wash eggs, pick and pickle cucumbers, churn butter, press cider, and make ice cream, cheese, and jam. Kids will get to feed the animals and the day ends with eating farm made ice cream! Ages 5 – 12

Farm Frenzy
A great overview of all that Casey Farm has to offer. Learn about the life of a farmer while participating in farm-related activities, visit the farm animals, dig in the garden, water the vegetables, plant lettuce, and taste a variety of organic vegetables. Use pulleys to lift water out of our well and play some old-fashioned farm games. Feed the hens and collect and wash eggs, make an herb garden to take home. The day concludes with a game of Flinch. Ages 5-11

Christmas in June
The farm is transformed into Santa’s workshop as campers become elves and discover the skill of toy making. Campers listen to Christmas stories, sing carols to the animals, and make snowflakes to decorate the tent and Christmas tree. Each camper takes home fudge, a marshmallow snowman, an old-fashioned toy, and several Christmas ornaments. Ages 5-12

Wild Water Adventure
Young ecologists discover the mysteries of three distinct southern New England wetlands: a rocky shore, a wild cranberry bog, and a man-made pond. Campers start the day with a short hike to the rocky shore to catch, observe, and identify a variety of wild creatures and plants, while exploring the world just below the surface. Then campers will enjoy a hayride down to the Narrow River for a supervised swim time at the waterfront. The day concludes with campers exploring a wild cranberry bog and a man-made pond ending with a game of Ice Cold Drip Drip Splash or Sponge Dodgeball. Campers must bring a bathing suit, wear water shoes or old sneakers, and bring a towel. Ages 6 – 12

Crafty Farmers
Crafty campers spend an action-packed day creating a variety of things, from tie-dying shirts to molding clay, making mosaic herb gardens and vegetable mobiles, and building birdhouses. Your child will come home with hands full of the beautiful artwork created here on our farm. Campers will also play games and feed the animals at the end of the day. Campers must bring a white shirt to tie-dye. Ages 6-12

Imaginarium Day
Bring imagination to life on this fairytale story day! Bring a costume or come dressed as your favorite storybook character. We will spend the day exploring fairytales and using our imagination to create props for our original fairytale adventures. Campers will make paper to write their own stories, make masks and puppets, and build fairy villages on the farm. We will read stories and play games, too! Ages 5 – 9

Illumination! Light Fire and Illuminate the Summer
Light up your summer with a day of Illumination! Learn the art of illumination through candle dipping, lantern making, and the exploration of light through rainbows and shadows. Campers will learn the art of fire building, methods of fire starting, and the history of illuminating homes. We will create a prism exploration center and make sun catchers and kite paper window stars. Ages 7 – 13

The Great Bird Caper
Welcome to bird day on Casey Farm. The budding ornithologist in your family can spend the day bird-watching using binoculars, making crafts such as journals, birdhouses, and bird feeders, dissecting owl pellets, practicing bird calls, and playing games such as Protect the Nest, Blind Old Eagle, and Egg Matching. They also learn about the various land and water birds here in Rhode Island, from the great blue heron to the snowy egret. Let your child’s imagination take flight on this day of exploration and play. Ages 6-12

Casey Carnival
Campers enjoy carnival games with farm flair—some historic, some serious, some silly. Children start off the day making a carnival banner, then head out to play Nine Pins, Quoits, Boot Toss, Ring Toss, Electric Lawn Darts, and group games like Egg Drop and Track Match. The afternoon features more carnival games starting with Toilet Paper Roll Toss, Frog Jump, Feed the Pigs, Toss the Pickle, Football Toss, Pick a Nail, Fishbowl, Chuck-a-Duck, Whirlball, baseball throw, and Casey Says. Campers should wear sneakers and bring lots of energy. Ages 5 – 12

Pioneer Farmers
Campers experience what it was like to be a pioneer farmer while learning navigational techniques and competing in an orienteering course. We will explore the forest and create a shelter, build a fire to cook s’mores, investigate ways of measuring, and play a pioneer game. In addition, participants will learn the art of bartering and make a pioneer toy to take home. Ages 7-14

Rainbow Day!
Explore the magical world of rainbows! Rainbows are all around us and we will spend the day creating and playing with them. We will discover the wonders of light at a prism exploration center, make a liquid sugar rainbow, and create rainbows in the garden with bubbles and the garden hose. Children will connect science and art by creating a nature color wheel and enjoy rainbow stories and crafts such as a homemade kaleidoscope, rainbow necklaces, and rainbow chimes and will go on a rainbow scavenger hunt. Ages 6-12

Backyard Medicine
Did you know that some of the most common weeds in your yard make great medicine? Campers get to explore cultivated and wild plants growing at Casey Farm and learn which plants to harvest and how to make them into old-time remedies. The day includes harvesting and medicine-making techniques. Campers will brew herbal teas and steep an herbal vinegar, and create nature journals and use them to record plant observations. They will enjoy the games Monarch Migration and Tree Tag. Stories and herbal crafts such as nature bracelets, herb sachets, and flower petal art, round out the day for your budding herbalist. Ages 6 – 12

The Magic of Science
Do you love science and want to do some great experiments? Campers will delve into science and nature-related topics through hands-on experiments and investigations such as optical illusions and electric circuits in the “Light the Light” activity. Come find out how much fun science can be! This day camp will involve learning the science behind chemical reactions with activities such as “safe explosions” and Elephant Tooth Paste and campers will get to launch rockets on our front lawn. Campers will explore mystery liquids, and investigate force by making a giant sling slot to launch potatoes as well as a smaller version to take home. Other activities include Fire Stopper, Feed the Dragon and Amazing Magnet. If you want a smorgasbord of all things science this is the day for you! Ages 7-12

Chomping through the Farm
Campers discover the growing cycle of vegetables while exploring our fields, gardens, and greenhouses. Children harvest fresh vegetables, then head to the kitchen to prepare butter, lettuce burritos, ants on a log, and raspberry fool. They help plant, harvest, sort compost, water the gardens, listen to a story, participate in the vegetable relay, and make seed art to bring home. Ages 5 – 8

Program Details

Time: Each program runs from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Ages: 5-13, varies by program. For half-day programs for children ages 3-6, please see Summer Fun Half-Days

Cost: $60 per child, $50 per child for Historic New England members (Household membership or above, membership must be valid through August 31, 2023)

Each program is limited to twenty children.

Refund Policy: No cash refunds for Summer Fun Days or Summer Fun Half-Days. Camp credits will be given with two weeks’ notice.

Type of Program: Camps, Summer Programs

Related Topics: Environment, Farming

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