Summer Fun Days

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At Casey Farm

Casey Farm offers special one-day programs that engage your child in fun farm activities highlighting the history and science of farming and farm life. Each program is run by experienced camp counselors in small group settings. Children visit with the farm animals and help feed and care for them as well as pick fresh vegetables for a snack.

Please Note: The safety of campers and staff is our priority. Rhode Island has not yet released guidance for summer programming, but we will follow all mandated COVID-19 safety protocols.

All Summer Fun Days are now Sold Out. Please email [email protected] to be put on the waiting list. Be sure to indicate the program or programs you are interested in.

Casey Carnival
Monday, August 16
Campers enjoy carnival games with farm flair—some historic, some serious, some silly. Children start off the day making a carnival banner, then head out to play Nine Pins, Quoits, Boot Toss, Ring Toss, Electric Lawn Darts, and group games like Egg Drop and Track Match. The afternoon features more carnival games starting with Toilet Paper Roll Toss, Frog Jump, Feed the Pigs, Toss the Pickle, Football Toss, Pick a Nail, Fishbowl, Chuck-a-Duck, Whirlball, baseball throw, and Casey Says. Campers should wear sneakers and bring lots of energy. Ages 5 – 12

Fantastic Fiber Arts
Monday, August 16
Campers try their hand at the art of spinning using a drop spindle to produce a wool bracelet and learn basic weaving skills using a weaving widget. Weave jute into a basket. Learn how paper is made. Each camper has a choice of weaving a neon buddy bracelet or friendship bracelet or using a small loom to make a potholder to take home. Ages 8 – 13

Wild Water Adventure
Tuesday, August 17
Young ecologists discover the mysteries of three distinct southern New England wetlands: a rocky shore, a wild cranberry bog, and a man-made pond. Campers start the day with a short hike to the rocky shore to catch, observe, and identify a variety of wild creatures and plants, while exploring the world just below the surface. Then campers will enjoy a hayride down to the Narrow River for a supervised swim time at the waterfront. The day concludes with campers exploring a wild cranberry bog and a man-made pond ending with a game of Ice Cold Drip Drip Splash or Sponge Dodgeball. Campers must bring a bathing suit, wear water shoes or old sneakers, and bring a towel. Ages 6 – 12

Woodland Adventure
Tuesday, August 17
Campers hike the Burma Shave Trail, then investigate the forest, animals, and trees by playing games such as Protect the Nest, Deadly Links, Oh Deer, Camouflage, Tree Smash, and Earth, Fire, Water. They identify animal tracks and scats, look at skulls, and hike through the woodlands collecting forest items to make nature prints. Older campers find out how scientists observe, dissect owl pellets, and count wildlife, while younger campers play Track Match, Track Smash, and hide the animal. Ages 6 – 12

Imaginarium Day
Wednesday, August 18
Bring imagination to life on this fairytale story day! Bring a costume or come dressed as your favorite storybook character. We will spend the day exploring fairytales and using our imagination to create props for our original fairytale adventures. Campers will make paper to write their own stories, make masks and puppets, and build fairy villages on the farm. We will read stories and play games, too! Ages 5 – 9

Illumination! Light Fire and Illuminate the Summer
Wednesday, August 18
Light up your summer with a day of Illumination! Learn the art of illumination through candle dipping, lantern making, and the exploration of light through rainbows and shadows. Campers will learn the art of fire building, methods of fire starting, and the history of illuminating homes. We will create a prism exploration center and make sun catchers and kite paper window stars. Ages 7 – 13

Colonial Adventures
Thursday, August 19
Campers discover life on a colonial farm: harvesting plants, creating dyes, learning how to trade, playing period games, and wearing colonial garb. Campers get to experience a colonial classroom, writing with a quill pen, and make their own colonial toy. Each camper will learn how to spin and card wool to produce a wool bracelet before using natural dyes to color it to bring home. Ages 6 – 12

Pirate Adventures
Thursday, August 19
Campers spend a swashbuckling, action-packed day pretending to be pirates. They make eye patches, pirate flags, fake swords, pirate puppets, and paper pirate ships. Activities include a special visit by a professional pirate to demonstrate pirate weaponry, hunting for booty, playing pirate games, singing pirate songs, and racing pirate ships on our pond. Ages 5 – 12

Backyard Medicine
Friday, August 20
Did you know that some of the most common weeds in your yard make great medicine? Campers get to explore cultivated and wild plants growing at Casey Farm and learn which plants to harvest and how to make them into old-time remedies. The day includes harvesting and medicine-making techniques. Campers will brew herbal teas and steep an herbal vinegar, and create nature journals and use them to record plant observations. They will enjoy the games Monarch Migration and Tree Tag. Stories and herbal crafts such as nature bracelets, herb sachets, and flower petal art, round out the day for your budding herbalist. Ages 6 – 12

Chomping through the Farm
Friday, August 20
Campers discover the growing cycle of vegetables while exploring our fields, gardens, and greenhouses. Children harvest fresh vegetables, then head to the kitchen to prepare butter, lettuce burritos, ants on a log, and raspberry fool. They help plant, harvest, sort compost, water the gardens, listen to a story, participate in the vegetable relay, and make seed art to bring home. Ages 5 – 8

Crazy Cool Hose-Down
Monday, August 23
Campers explore our farm pond and cranberry bog, catch frogs, water the garden, and then cool off in a series of wet and wild games, including Water Balloon Volleyball, Sponge Ball, Drip Drip Splash, Fireman’s Relay, and Water Balloon Sling Shot. After lunch the campers get to play in Casey Farm’s Water Olympics events include the Water Balloon Toss, Sponge Ball, Water Toss, Waiter Wars, and more. Campers must wear a bathing suit under clothes and water shoes or old sneakers and be prepared to get wet. Ages 6 – 12

Wilderness Challenge
Tuesday, August 24
Get your kids outside and help them activate their bodies and senses through exciting outdoor adventures! Free your kids to run, jump, and engage in problem-solving activities while learning safe and easy nature survival skills like shelter building, edible plant identification, and fire starting. This camp will build problem-solving skills as campers face a series of unforeseen challenges or scenarios such as, to create and run a farm obstacle course, constructing and following a navigation course in the woods, and solving the program of getting an egg safely across our irrigation pond. Ages 8 – 13

Rhythm and Roots on the Farm
Tuesday, August 24
For the musician in all of us! Enjoy a day of rhythm and music at Casey Farm. Campers create their own musical instruments including a “piano” made of water-filled jars, drums made from old flowerpots, maracas, straw flutes, and more! Children spend the day singing their favorite songs, listening to the rhythm of nature, going on a musical nature walk, playing musical chairs, participating in the Broom Dance and other musical activities led by our experienced staff. Ages 5 – 11

The Magic of Science
Wednesday, August 25
Do you love science and want to do some great experiments? Campers will delve into science and nature-related topics through hands-on experiments and investigations such as optical illusions and electric circuits in the “Light the Light” activity. Come find out how much fun science can be! This day camp will involve learning the science behind chemical reactions with the activities such as “safe explosions and Elephant Tooth Paste.” and campers will get to launch rockets on our front lawn. Campers will explorer mystery liquids, investigate force by making a giant sling slot to launch potatoes as well as a smaller version to take home. Other activities include Fire Stopper, Feed the Dragon and Amazing Magnet. If you want a smorgasbord of all things science this is the day for you! Ages 7-12

Traditional Farm Crafts
Wednesday, August 25

Campers learn how farmers made candles out of wax and tallow, use handpicked herbs to make a scented sachet, make soap, and practice the traditional art of making a paper twist doll (or superhero). Your child will come home with hands full of beautiful artwork created here on our farm. Ages 5 – 10

Around the World
Thursday, August 26
Campers enjoy a day at scenic Casey Farm exploring different cultures of the world. Children start by creating a flag from a foreign country and learning that country’s national anthem. They make crafts from all over the world, including a Djembe drum from Africa, Japanese origami, and an Australian didgeridoo, and then play international games such as Corre Corre la Guaraca from Chile; Pass the Parcel from England; Mbube, Mbube from Africa; or Skippyroo Kangaroo from Australia. The day ends with a rousing game of Capture the Flag and Steal the Bacon. Ages 6 – 12

Farm Safari
Friday, August 27
Learn about the life of a farmer while participating in farm-related activities. Visit farm animals, collect and wash eggs, explore buildings, dig in the garden, plant lettuce, water vegetables, taste a variety of organic vegetables, and play old-fashioned farm games. Each camper will make an herb pot to bring home. Ages 5 – 11

Bug Out
Friday, August 27
Let your child enjoy a bug’s eye view of Casey Farm. For the budding entomologist, this day has it all—spiders, beetles, butterflies, and more. Campers hunt for eight- and six-legged creatures to catch, observe, and release, while discovering which ones are helpful and which are harmful to farmers. Campers compete in a bug relay and see how many real bugs they can find in a scavenger hunt, play Bug Bingo and Hide the Bug, and make a bug craft to bring home. Ages 7 – 13

Magic Making
Monday, August 30
Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble! Come enjoy a day on the farm exploring the magical arts! We will start the day with a hike to the bay to collect magical ingredients. Campers will be brewing potions, creating magic wands, and writing spells with the historic art of quill writing. We will play enchanting games, make paper plate dragons, and enjoy the charm of the farm. Ages 6 –12

Making Old-Fashioned Food
Tuesday, August 31
Campers discover how nineteenth-century farmers grew, preserved, and prepared their food. Campers will collect and wash eggs, pick and pickle cucumbers, churn butter, press cider, and make ice cream, cheese, and jam. Kids will get to feed the animals and the day ends with eating farm made ice cream! Ages 5 – 12


Program Details

Time: Each program runs from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Ages: 5-13, varies by program. For half-day programs for children ages 3-6, please see Summer Fun Half-Days

Cost: $55 per child, $45 per child for Historic New England members (membership must be valid through August 31, 2021)

Each program is limited to twenty children.

Summer Fun Days refund policy: No cash refunds. Camp credits will be given with two weeks’ notice.

Type of Program: Camps, Summer Programs

Related Topics: Environment, Farming

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