Casey Farm Summer Camp Welcome Packet

Welcome to camp!

This page is your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about summer camp at Casey Farm – what to bring, what to wear, where to park, and more. This page replaces the packets we mailed to you in previous years, and includes a link to the health forms/waivers which must be filled out before your child’s first day of camp.

This page contains general information that applies to all camps (Little Ducklings, Farm Friends, Growing Together, Farm Explorers, Summer Fun Days, and Summer Fun Half-Days) and can be downloaded here: Casey Farm Camp Welcome Letter. Additional information specific to some of our programs can be found here: Little Ducklings, Summer Fun Days, Summer Fun Half Days, End of Summer Family Campfire at Casey Point. If your child is attending one of those programs, please be sure to review that document as well. Finally, a sample schedule and daily packing list for each camp is included at the bottom of the page.

Please note that no refunds will be issued within a month of the start of any camp session.

Before Camp Begins

Health Form: Our system requires that this form be set up as its own program. However, there is no further payment required, and the total will always be $0. You must fill out an individual form for each child registered. Please do NOT select any quantity more than 1. Rather, revisit this page for each child you have registered. You only need to fill the form out once for each child, regardless of how many sessions/programs they are attending.

Please follow this link to fill out the form: ONLINE HEALTH FORM

(Please note – these forms do NOT need to be filled out for children attending Summer Fun Half-Day programs with a parent or for families attending the End of Summer Campfire at Casey Point. The forms are required for all weeklong and one-day programs.)

If you have any questions or issues with the form, please contact [email protected]

Camper Placement Policy: If you would like your camper to be with a particular friend, please email Camp Director Adam Lowe at [email protected] or call 401-237-7472 and leave a detailed message at least a week before the start of camp. We aim to place all campers with their friends, but these requests cannot be fulfilled once camp begins because groupings have already been established.

Getting to Camp

Directions: Address and directions can be found here.

Parking: The stone walls at Casey Farm are beautiful but they make for narrow openings and blind spots.  When you enter the property please drive slowly and follow the signage.  You will be directed through a gate to a parking area where we ask that you park facing in towards the wall or string fence only (NOT parallel along the field).  Please do not park along the driveway or in farmyard.  Children need supervision at all times in the parking area as the stone walls really do restrict sight.

Drop-off and Pick-up: Please walk your child to the check in table each day and check in with either the counselor or junior counselor of your group.  Also, please come to the check in table with your photo ID to pick up your child.  If someone other than a parent is dropping off or picking up your child, please let your counselor know and remind them they must bring a photo ID.

Dogs: Please do not bring dogs to the farm.  Due to liability reasons dogs are not allowed in the same areas as children and our parking lot has no shade so its unsafe to leave them in the car.

Absences: If your child will not be attending camp on a day they are scheduled to come, please call 401-237-7472 and leave a message.

Sunscreen/Bug Spray: Please have your child apply sun screen and insect repellent before camp each morning. We will reapply as necessary.

While at Camp

What to bring: Each day, your child’s backpack should contain the following items:

Shoes: Your child’s day at camp includes varied terrain. All children are required to wear “farm shoes” (sneakers or boots with closed toe and heel) for our daily farm chores, including feeding the animals and picking our snack. If desired, they can also bring a pair of lighter “camp shoes” (Crocs, light weight sneakers, sandals with a rear strap such as Tevas or Keens) to change into later in the day. Flip-flops are not allowed.

Swim Day: Tuesday is swim day for Farm Friends, Growing Together, and Farm Explorers. Please make sure your child arrives at camp in their bathing suit and brings a towel as well as water shoes. For safety reasons, no child will be allowed to swim without water shoes. Children will change into their regular clothes after swim time. Swimming takes place at the Boys and Girls Club camp and is fully supervised by licensed lifeguards.

Covid Procedures

Rhode Island will not issue final guidance for summer camps until closer to the summer. We will follow all mandated procedures, and will update this page as new information comes in. However, there are some procedures that we implemented in 2020 and have made permanent.

After Camp

Tick Check: We do find a tick occasionally. We will check for them during camp time but recommend a more thorough check of your child again at home.

Sample Schedules and Daily Packing List

Little Duckling July Schedule 2022
Little Duckling August Schedule 2022
Farm Friends schedule 2022
Growing Together schedule 2022
Farm Explorer schedule – 2022
Farm Fun Schedule 2022 (Summer Fun Half-Day example)