In Search of a Story

Explore the process of writing historic fiction in an authentic setting.

At Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm

Students explore primary source documents, diaries, and maps. They learn about artifacts recovered through archaeology here at the property, and hear stories based on these historical references.

Students explore the life of Offin Boardman, a wealthy Newburyport merchant and Revolutionary war privateer, as well as his family and others including servants, sailors, farm hands and friends, in order to create their own historic fiction.  Students gather ideas, develop characters, and then place them in an appropriate authentic setting, including the Manor house, the 1775 barn, the farmhouse, and the beautiful landscapes at Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm.


Program Details

Available weekdays, April through December, for grades 4 – 9.

Maximum Group Size: 100 students.

Cost: $12 per student. Includes one-hour program at your site and two-and-a-half-hour visit to the museum.

Type of Program: Field Trips

Related Topics: Family


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Curriculum Links: Grades 5-8  

English Language Arts and Literacy

Grade 5



L.5.2 a.-f

L.5.4 a-e


Grade 6-8



WCA.5- 8.4.5


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