A Day at the Farm

Experience life and work on the farm!

At Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm

This farm program teaches preschool and elementary school students about farm animals, farm work past and present, and the ecology of a farm and its inhabitants.

Students will explore the farmyard, the manor house and farmhouse, and the 1776 great barn.  This is a hands-on program with activities including feeding small animals, spinning wool, and milking Nellie (a wooden cow).



Program Details

Type of Program:
Field Trips, Summer Programs, After School

Related Topics:

Available weekdays, April through November, for PreK to Grade 2.

Length: 2 hours.

Cost: $10 per student.

Maximum group size: 100 students.

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Curriculum Links: Grades Pre K- 2

History and Social Science

Grade 1





Grade 2



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