Looking Back with 2020 Vision

The COVID-19 pandemic and the political and societal events of the last year shone a light on the many cracks straining the nation. Historic New England and the New England Sculptors Association asked sculptors to show us how they have responded to this unprecedented time with their art.

We want to know how the last year has affected you, too. As part of Historic New England’s A Time to Remember initiative, we are committed to recording and documenting how the pandemic and other events of 2020 has affected people’s lives at home. Please share with us your thoughts on the last year and how you expressed yourself. This will help Historic New England tell the story of this unprecedented time for generations to come and will be part of our institutional archive. If you would like to share your artwork or other material with us, please let us know so we may contact you or upload them through our A Time to Remember form.

  • Share your 2020 story with us.
  • 2020 Sculpture Exhibition Feedback