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A New Commodity: Wider Distribution



I Believe You Have the Shanties
I believe you have the shanties. These are some of our oldest fishermen. Hope you will like it. M.M. Perkins. Courtesy of Joseph Carlin.


While postcards flew around the country featuring quaint New England clam-diggers and shuckers, local shellfishermen worked hard to match the growing scale of this newly commercialized industry. Boxcars bursting with clams traveled by rail from the North Shore to Boston and beyond.





Paddy's Clam House in New York City opened in 1933.

By 1956 the restaurant purportedly served 1,000 customers each day.

Menu Front
Courtesy of Joseph Carlin
Menu Back


Clam Shanties, Newburyport, Massachusetts
Courtesy of Joseph Carlin.


The Joppa shacks pictured here were owned by the clamming families of Newburyport and utilized from the late nineteenth century through the first four decades of the twentieth. Here, thousands of barrels of clams were shucked in preparation for the dinner table, or loaded up on wagons to be sold in town.





A New Commodity: Wider Distribution