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Garden figurehead Tamerlain, Peaches Point, Marblehead, Mass., undated

PC001.02.04.TMP.004 (RS2398)


A garden figurehead of Tamerlain is shown above a doorway on a building located in Peaches Point, Marblehead, Massachusetts.

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Collection Name
General photographic collection
Collection Code
Physical Description
1 photographic print : black-and-white
Collection Type
Description Level
Additional Identification Number
DigitalID: 002398
AccessID: 4345
Other identifier: HNEDID-002398
Reference Code

Record details

Descriptive Terms
figureheads (prow ornaments)
Material Type
black-and-white prints (photographs)
Architectural photography
Marblehead (Essex county, Massachusetts)
Peachs Point (Essex county, Massachusetts) [cape]
Location Note
Subjects: Ship's Figureheads

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PC001.02.04.TMP.004 #

AvatarPosted by Sloane Awtrey on March 5, 2014
I'm sure you know but this photo appears in Mary Northend article, 'The Garden of Figureheads' international studio 75 set 1922 pgs 505-8. There are 6 other photos in the article of the garden which you identify in one of the following related photos as John Peabody's Peaches Point, Marblehead, Ma. The article only says Marblehead MA so thank you for more detail. YourPC001.02.02.0650.1700.002, PC001.02.02.0650.1700.001 are from same garden but these shot do not appear in article. The female ship's figurehead (.001) is in article p507 but in article shot has been cleaned up of foliage and what looks like hole at waist was repaired compared to your shot. Perhaps your shot was an earlier scouting trip and then new shots were taken later? The Tamerlain is the absolute same photo as in article. If you do not already have a copy of the article and wish for one, please let me know. Do you happen to know what happened to those figureheads?