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Cape Cod Canal images

Belmont image
An image of Belmont and a large party beginning the digging of the canal.
Bridges image
A color photographic postcard of the Cape Cod Canal and Sagamore Bridge, depicting three ships traveling through the Cape Cod Canal in the foreground and the Sagamore Bidge in the background.
Celebrations image
The Rose Standish in the Opening Day parade.
Construction image
The dredge Governor Herrick works on the Cape Cod Canal.
Ephemera image
Canal Brand Cape Cod Cranberries crate label
Laborers image
Workers pose for a picture underneath the railroad bridge
Maps image
A New Map of New England according to the latest observation
Photographs image
An aerial view of the Cape Cod Canal and its surrounding landscape
Ships image
Cruise ship passing through drawbridge on Cape Cod Canal
Souvenirs image
Invitation to the "First Nautical Ball of the Officers and Employees of the Cape Cod Canal."
Tourism image
A postcard showing a map of Cape Cod.
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers image
An Army vessel traverses the icy Cape Cod Canal.
A dredge works on the Cape Cod Canal.
Cape Cod Canal images