Women of Historic New England today

Mar 14, 2024

As Women’s History Month shines its light, we’re proud to celebrate the incredible women on our team at Historic New England. Their leadership in preservation, conservation, education, and research is a constant source of inspiration for us all.

Let’s meet some the women who make Historic New England amazing!

Abigail Stewart – Regional Site Manager, North Shore

Abby Stewart oversees a team of employees across the North Shore of Massachusetts and has become a driving force of positive change, education, and collaboration. She has helped lead changes to property tours to include more women’s and social history across Historic New England sites.

Laura Sullivan – Director of Marketing

Laura Sullivan, the Director of Marketing at Historic New England, is a creative visionary weaving the narrative of our historical legacy into the fabric of the modern world. With a strategic mindset and a flair for storytelling, Laura brings our historic properties to life, inviting the public to discover the enchanting tales within. Her innovative approach not only preserves the essence of the past but also ensures that it resonates in the hearts and minds of contemporary audiences, making history a captivating and enduring experience for all.

Meghan Abercrombie – Mellon Conservation Fellow

Meghan Abercrombie, the Mellon Conservation Fellow at Historic New England, breathes new life into the physical treasures we hold dear. Meghan shares her commitment to preserving the past with all of us, making her an integral part of Historic New England’s mission to safeguard our region’s legacy.

Marissa Mayo – Property Care Operations Manager

Marissa Mayo, Property Care Operations Manager, is a guiding force at Historic New England with a passion for seamlessly blending preservation with modern functionality. Marissa’s management of Historic New England security systems ensures that our properties and our extensive collections have the protections they need. With an eye for innovation and a heart for history, she leads her team in preserving not just the structures, but the very essence of history that resides within them.

Arleen Shea – Education Program Coordinator, Newbury, Massachusetts

Arleen Shea, Education Programs Coordinator at Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm has a passion for teaching that is evident in everything she does. Her enthusiasm for combining fun and learning ensures that each program – after-school visits, field trips, and summer camps – at the farm is engaging and interactive. The many children who return year after year to enjoy new adventures with farm animals, archeology digs, and hands-on activities are evidence of her success in providing students with a memorable and educational experience.