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The Narragansett first cultivated Jamestown, on Conanicut Island, camping here in the summertime and growing corn and beans. The resulting grasslands attracted colonial farmers for pasturing their sheep and cattle. In 1789 Job Watson purchased a piece of this rich farmland, and for the next two centuries, five generations of the Watson family cultivated the land at Watson Farm.

Today this working family farm is managed according to the principles of sustainable agriculture and raises heritage-breed cattle and other livestock. On a self-guided walking tour, explore the open fields and pastures, see commanding views of Narragansett Bay, stroll along the shore, and observe wildlife and seasonal farming activities. The house is not open to the public.

455 North Road, Jamestown, R.I.

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  • Guided Landscape Tour: Enjoy an approximately one and a half-hour guided tour; please allow two hours for your visit.
  • Medicinal Plant Tour: Join herbalist Kristin Minto on a walking tour to discover which plants can help relieve common ailments and promote well-being. Discover the history of herbal plant use, identification, and medicinal uses. Learn simple techniques for using herbs in your daily life.

  • Off the Beaten Path: This in-depth tour takes you on a hike through this extensive seaside farm. Learn how the evolution of the farm relates to the local island community and Rhode Island history. Discover stories about the land, people, and natural resources of Narragansett Bay and learn how preserving our historic landscapes positively impacts local food production.

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