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Castle Tucker tells the story of one family living on the coast of Maine in the rapidly changing world of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. After purchasing the old mansion in 1858, wealthy shipping broker Richard Tucker Jr. and his young wife Mollie redecorated in the Victorian style popularized by Andrew Jackson Downing. The house is still filled with their furnishings, including an original parlor and four generations of kitchen technology. Hear the Tuckers’ dramatic story while exploring the rooms of this architecturally striking property overlooking the Sheepscot River.

Location: 2 Lee Street, Wiscasset, Maine 207-882-7169

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Castle Tucker, Wiscasset, ME. Exterior with attached outbuilding

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  • Guided House Tour: Enjoy an approximately forty-five minute guided tour; please allow one hour for your visit.
  • The Architecture of Castle Tucker: Tour the house and examine its unusual architecture. Learn about the very early Greek Revival details and original floor plan of Judge Silas Lee’s striking home. See the attic where framing of the original house is still visible.

  • Behind Closed Doors Tour: See additional bedrooms and connecting spaces not on view during the guided house tour.
  • The Victorian Lifestyle: Learn more about the social mores, tastes, and styles of mid- to late nineteenth-century life, including design, furnishings, and decorative choices and the influence of tastemaker Andrew Jackson Downing.

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