Winter Ecology

How do people and animals adapt to winter?

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In this program, students explore the unique ecology of winter in their classroom and the school yard. They compare the ways that modern and colonial humans, as well as wildlife and farm animals, have adapted to survive the cold weather months.

Through a series of demonstrations, students learn to identify the winter cycle and relate it to the annual farm cycle at Casey Farm. In the schoolyard, they learn how to track animals, act out predator/prey relationships, explore microclimates, and, if conditions permit, study ice and snow.


Program Details

You may choose one or two 2-hour sessions. One session covers four of five of the topics below. Two sessions cover all topics.

Available weekdays, December through early March, for Grades K – 5. Maximum of 30 students per program (can accommodate up to two groups per day).


Type of Program: Programs to Go

Related Topics: Environment

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