John Booras collection of glass plate negatives

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  • Photography



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HGO-02-004-A-A-106, HGO-02-004-A-B-105, HGO-02-004-A-B-106: HGO-02-004-A-A-106\n \n Box 1 contains plates: JB001-JB055\n Box 2 contains plates: JB056-JB092\n Box 3 contains plates: JB093-JB153\n Box 4 contains plates: JB154-JB198\n \n HGO-02-004-A-B-106\n \n Box 5 contains plates: JB199-JB245\n Box 6 contains plates: JB246-JB289\n Box 7 contains plates: JB290-JB326\n Box 8 contains plates: JB327-JB381\n \n HGO-02-004-A-B-105\n \n Box 9 contains plates: JB382-JB414\n Box 10 contains original housing sleeves\n



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This collection consists of 415 glass plate negatives John Booras acquired from various sources. Though Booras's collection documents various aspects of New England life, the majority of negatives are from the Boston Transit Commission, which photographed Boston transit developments from 1895 to the 1960's. Also represented in this collection are negatives of the Massachusetts town, Manchester-by-the-sea, including negatives of Walter Denis Denegre's summer estate, 'Villa Crest.' Other subjects covered in Booras's collection include street scenes, public events, portraits, and domestic life. The Item level descriptions and titles of the glass plate negatives derive directly from Booras' own writings on the contents of each plate.


Descriptive Terms

public transit
gelatin dry plate negatives

Physical Description

415 glass plate negatives

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Collection Name

John Booras collection of glass plate negatives

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Boston (Suffolk county, Massachusetts)
Manchester (Essex county, Massachusetts)

Record Details


Boston Elevated Railway

Material Type

gelatin dry plate negatives

Other People

Rowell, Paul

Description Level


Location Note

HGO-02-004-A-A-106, HGO-02-004-A-B-105, HGO-02-004-A-B-106: HGO-02-004-A-A-106

Box 1 contains plates: JB001-JB055
Box 2 contains plates: JB056-JB092
Box 3 contains plates: JB093-JB153
Box 4 contains plates: JB154-JB198


Box 5 contains plates: JB199-JB245
Box 6 contains plates: JB246-JB289
Box 7 contains plates: JB290-JB326
Box 8 contains plates: JB327-JB381


Box 9 contains plates: JB382-JB414
Box 10 contains original housing sleeves

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This collection is arranged in the order Johjn Booras kept the collection in. The categories he created are as follows:
JB001-JB055 are of Boston Proper
JB056-JB092 are of Suburban Boston
JB093-JB153 are of Boston Neighborhoods
JB154-JB245 are of the Boston 'El'
JB246-JB326 are of part 2 an unidentified category
JB327-JB381 are miscelanious
JB382-JB414 are part 2 of miscelanious

JB157A and JB157B are not related. They are numbered as such to maintain the original order of the collection and the numbering system devised by Historic New England.