Side view of Otis House, showing retaining wall, after the demolition of the West End

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  • Photography


ca. 1959



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A black and white photograph showing the eastern side of the Otis House from what used to be a parking lot next to the building. The image was taken after the demolition of the West End, during which the Otis House was one of very few structures that wasn't torn down. Visible above the roof of the Otis House is the steeple of the West Church, one of the other few remaining buildings. The image shows he retaining wall next to the Otis House as well as a small shed that was subsequently removed (date unknown). The demolition of the West End took place in the late 1950s, so this image is estimated to have been taken between 1958 and 1960. The foreground of the image shows many 1950s automobiles.


Descriptive Terms

historic houses
retaining walls
urban renewal
black-and-white prints (photographs)

Physical Description

1 photograph ; black and white : 10 x 8 inches

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Historic New England properties photographic collection

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Boston (Suffolk county, Massachusetts)

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Richard Merrill Photo (Photographer)

Material Type

black-and-white prints (photographs)

Other Organizations

Historic New England (Organization)
Boston Redevelopment Authority

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