Codman family papers


The Codman family papers reflect the personal, social, and professional lives of the Codman family of Lincoln, Massachusetts. The papers are a major resource for the study of New England family history, domestic relationships, changing patterns of taste and consumption, mercantile and shipping activities, and the evolution of the Codman country estate ("the Grange") from the late-eighteenth century to the mid-twentieth century. Members of the Codman family conscientiously retained and preserved documents and artifacts of their own and of previous generations, resulting in a vast assemblage of family papers which now make up this collection. The collection includes the papers of twenty-six. One of the many highlights of the Codman family papers is the correspondence between author Edith Wharton and Ogden Codman, Jr. Wharton and Codman were close friends, and they co-authored the influential work, The Decoration of Houses. See series level descriptions for individual biographies and scope and content notes.


Descriptive Terms

account books
architecture (discipline)
bills of sale
bylaws (administrative records)
civil court records
clippings (information artifacts)
clubs (associations)
company stores
country houses
drawings (visual works)
estate records
financial records
legal documents
medical records
military records
site plans
taste (aesthetics)
family papers

Physical Description

95.08 linear feet (228 manuscript boxes)

Finding Aid Info

An electronic finding aid is available through Historic New England’s Collections Access Portal. A paper finding aid is available in the Library & Archives.

Custodial History

The materials that comprise this collection were held by the Codman family from the dates of creation until the 1968 bequest to Historic New England.

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Collection Name

Codman family papers

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These papers document the Codman family of Lincoln, Massachusetts, and include art, correspondence, ephemera, financial records, genealogical material, inventories, legal documents, medical records, military records, photographic material, printed material, school papers, scrapbooks, site plans, writings, etc.

Acquisition Type


Credit Line

Bequest by Dorothy Sarah Frances May Codman in 1968 of the Codman Estate, Lincoln, Massachusetts, and all of its contents.


Back Bay (Boston, Suffolk county, Massachusetts) [neighborhood]
Bar Harbor (Mount Desert Island, Hancock county, Maine)
Beacon Hill (Boston, Suffolk county, Massachusetts) [neighborhood]
Boston (Suffolk county, Massachusetts)
Boston Common (Boston, Suffolk county, Massachusetts) [park]
Brunswick (Cumberland county, Maine)
Cambridge (Middlesex county, Massachusetts)
Charlestown (Boston, Suffolk county, Massachusetts) [neighborhood]
Dinard-Saint-Enogat (Ille-et-Vilaine, Brittany, France)
Dorchester (Boston, Suffolk county, Massachusetts) [neighborhood]
England (United Kingdom) [country]
Essex county (Massachusetts) [county]
Fort Independence (Boston, Suffolk county, Massachusetts) [neighborhood]
Ipswich (Essex county, Massachusetts)
Jerusalem (Israel) [national district]
Kolkata (West Bengal, India)
Lincoln (Middlesex county, Massachusetts)
London (Greater London, England, United Kingdom)
Middlesex county (Massachusetts) [county]
New England (United States) [general region]
Newport (Rhode Island island, Newport county, Rhode Island)
New York City (New York state)
Paris (Ville de Paris department, Île-de-France, France)
Portsmouth (Rockingham county, New Hampshire)
Providence (Providence county, Rhode Island)
Sudbury (Middlesex county, Massachusetts)
Warsaw (Mazowieckie voivodship, Poland)
Washington (DC)

Record Details


Codman family

Material Type

family papers

Other People

Barnard, Sarah
Bigelow, Andrew
Bigelow, Anna
Bigelow, Clara
Bigelow, Timothy, 1739-1790
Bigelow, Tyler
Bowdoin, James
Bradlee, Catherine
Bradlee, Florence Bowdoin
Bradlee, Frances "Fanny" Bowdoin, 1849-1930
Bradlee, James Bowdoin, 1813-1872
Bradlee, Josiah, 1778-1860
Bradlee, Mary Perrin (May), 1815-1877
Bradlee, Nathaniel Jeremiah, 1829-1888
Boy, Emile
Boy, Louise Gaillard
Chase, Alice Bowdoin (Bradlee), 1846-1925
Chase, Clarissa Bigelow
Chase, George B.
Chase, Gertrude Lowndes
Chase, Kitty
Chase, Lincoln Steeple
Chase, Theodore, 1786-1859
Chase, Theodore, 1832-1895
Codman, Abigail
Codman, Alice "Ahla" Newbold, 1866-1923
Codman, Charles Russell, 1784-1852
Codman, Charles R. (Charles Russell), 1829-1918
Codman, Dorothy Sarah Frances May, 1883-1968
Codman, Edmund O.
Codman, Florence
Codman, Francis, 1797-1859
Codman, Hannah Robinson, 1768-1819
Codman, Hugh, 1875-1946
Codman, James Macmaster, 1831-1917
Codman, John, 1720-1792
Codman, John, 1755-1803
Codman, John, 1782-1847
Codman, John M.
Codman, Leila Howard (Griswold), 1856-1910
Codman, Lucy Sturgis
Codman, Margaret (Russell), 1757-1789
Codman, Ogden, 1839-1904
Codman, Ogden
Codman, Richard, 1762-1806
Codman, Richard, 1842-1928
Codman, Robert
Codman, Sarah Bradlee
Codman, Sarah Bowdoin Bradlee
Codman, Sarah Fletcher (Bradlee), 1842-1922
Codman, Sarah (Ogden), 1799-1844
Codman, Stephen, 1758-1844
Codman, Susan
Codman, Theodora Laroque
Codman, Thomas
Codman, Thomas Newbold, 1868-1963
Copley, John Singleton, 1738-1815
Copley, Susannah Farnum Clarke, -1836
Crowninshield, Benjamin William, 1837-1892
Crowninshield, Katherine (Bradlee)
Crowinshield, Katherine M.
De Bionneau, Julie Marie
Davis, Jefferson, 1808-1889
Gaillard, Jules Bowdoin
Gaillard, Julie Marie (de Bionneau)
Gaillard, Louis Dieudonne, 1824-1888
Gaillard, Lucien
Gaillard, Marie (Dufilbol)
Gaillard, Mary May (Bradlee), 1840-1903
Hawthorne, Nathaniel, 1804-1864
James, Henry, 1843-1916
Karolik, Martha Catherine Codman
May, Fred
May, Perrin, 1767-1844
Newbold, Edith
Newbold, Posie
Ogden, David
Ogden, Emma
Ogden, Morris M.
Olmsted, Frederick Law, 1822-1903
Russell, Chambers, 1755-1790
Russell, Charles, 1738-1780
Russell, James, 1715-1798
Russell, Mary Wainwright
Sturgis, Frances Anne Codman, 1837-1910
Vans, William, 1763-1840
Webb, Alexander S.
Webb, Eliza Osgood Vanderbilt, 1860-1936
Webb, Frank
Webb, George Creighton
Webb, Griswold
Webb, Henry Walter, 1852-1900
Webb, Henry Walter, Jr.
Webb, John Griswold, 1890-
Webb, Laura Virginia
Webb, Martin Henry Walter
Webb, Walter, 1852-1900
Wharton, Edith, 1862-1937
Winter, Bessie H.
Wolcott, Cora Codman, 1874-

Other Organizations

Allen Dale Dramatic Association
American Artist Association
American Express Company
American Fund for French Wounded
American Memorial Hospital (Reims, France)
American Rights League
Ashburner and Company
Bank of Honduras
Baring Brothers & Co.
Bay State Street Railway Company
Boston and Maine Railroad
Boston Athenaeum
Boston Bank
Boston Chamber of Commerce
Boston Conservatory
Boston Dispensary
Boston Safe Deposit and Trust Company
Bostonian Society
Bowdoin College
Casino de Dinard (Dinard, France)
Club Nautique (Dinard, France)
Comite Americain de Secours aux Prisonniers de Gureer
Congress Street Associates
Consolidated Gas Company of New York
Cunard Steamship Company, ltd.
Dinard Club (Dinard, France)
Dinard Golf Club (Dinard, France)
Dwight Rudd and Company
F. P. Garrettson and Company
Farm Bureau Association
Fidelity and Casualty Company of New York
Fifth Avenue Bank of New York
France Forever, Inc.
Fraser Lane and Son
French Commune
Paris (France). Garde nationale. Departement de la Seine
Goodspeed's Bookstore
Guaranty Trust Company of New York
Harvard University
Harvard University. Porcellian Club
Henry Wenz Chocolates
Howard & Company
Ipswich (Mass.). Municipal Lighting Department
Ipswich (Mass.). Water Department
James Munroe and Company
Kebo Valley Golf Club
Kendelhardt and Morris, Inc.
Kidder, Peabody & Co.
Leon Marcotte and Company
Library Bureau
Lincoln National Bank of New York
Lincoln Safe Deposit Company
Lincoln School Committee (Lincoln, Mass.)
Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Massachusetts Society of the Colonial Dames of America
Massachusetts State Lottery Commission
Merchant's National Bank of Boston
Middlesex Agricultural Society (Middlesex County, Mass.)
Morgan, Harjes and Company
Mount Desert Reading Room and Club
New England Historic Genealogical Society
New England Telephone and Telegraph Company
New York Edison Company
New York (N.Y.). Department of Water Resources
New York Society Library
New York Telephone Company
Newport Gas Light Company (Newport, R.I.)
Newport Water Works (Newport, R.I.)
Northeastern Timber Salvage Administration
Old Boston National Bank
Otis Elevator Company
Porter, Brown, and Wilson
Providence Telephone Company (Providence, R.I.)
Remington Typewriter Company
St. Andrew's Lodge
Society for the Information and Advice of Immigrants
Societe generale pour favoriser le developpement du commerce et de l'industrie en France
South Lincoln Hall Company
Staatliche Akademische Hochschule fur Musik (Prussia, Germany)
Standard Oil Company
Steinway & Sons
T. Amory and Company
Thomas Goode and Company
Violets, Roses and Lilies Club
W.B. Saunders & Company
W.H. Head and Son
William Baumgarten and Company
William Codman and Company
Windsor Trust Company
Yokohama Nursery Company

Descriptive Terms

World War I
World War II

Accruals Note

APPENDIX A: Detailed Processing History In 1968, Historic New England acquired the Codman Estate in Lincoln, Massachusetts, as a bequest from Dorothy Sarah Frances May Codman (1883-1968), the last of the Codman family members to reside in the house. The papers within the house at the time of the acquisition formed the basis of this collection. In 1979, the Library and Archives received a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to engage in a sixteen-month collection processing project, in which the papers of twenty-six Codman related family members were processed. The 1979 finding aid was arranged chronologically by generation, and thereunder by individual. A biographical sketch, scope and content note, and inventory was provided for each family member. The inventory for each family member was divided into eight subseries: correspondence; diaries; financial record; legal records; literary; maps and drawings; printed matter; and scrapbooks. When fully processed, the collection was housed in 228 file boxes (approx. 95.08 linear feet). In 2013-2014, through a National Historical Publications and Records Commission grant (Award Number: NAR13-RH-50051-13: "Family Manuscript Collections: Expanding Online Access to New England Heritage Project"), twenty-six Historic New England manuscript collections of family papers were processed or reprocessed to meet current archival standards and best practices, including the Codman family papers. DACS-compliant finding aids were created as Microsoft Word documents, and the finding aid data was entered into the MINISIS M2A content management system. From M2A, the finding aid data was made discoverable and fully searchable online. Prior to the 2013-2014 grant project, many updates and notations had also been added to the original 1979 finding aid. During the 2013-2014 project, the physical condition and organization of the collection was maintained and unaltered. However, the original arrangement of the series (in chronological order by generation) was updated to reflect an alphabetical order by surname (when applicable, women were identified by married name). Most subseries headings and folder titles were maintained (excluding updates to full and proper names, nicknames, life dates, etc.). The folder arrangement within series and subseries was altered, as applicable, to reflect either a chronological or alphabetical order. A few folders were reassigned to their correct series or subseries as errors in the original processing were discovered. Notations, updates, and other corrections applied to the original 1979 finding aid were incorporated into the updated 2013-2014 finding aid. The original 1979 history notes and scope and content notes were edited and updated to reflect new knowledge, updated information, and changes to the finding aid. In 2016, the finding aid was edited to improve usability, with format altered but content unchanged from the 2013-2014 finding aid.
APPENDIX B: Location of Collection By Box Number: 1-6 - HGO-02-105-A-A-101 7-12 - HGO-02-105-A-A-102 13-18 - HGO-02-105-A-A-103 19-24 - HGO-02-105-A-A-104 25-30 - HGO-02-105-A-A-105 31-36 - HGO-02-105-A-A-106 37-42 - HGO-02-105-A-A-201 43-48 - HGO-02-105-A-A-202 49-54 - HGO-02-105-A-A-203 55-60 - HGO-02-105-A-A-204 61-66 - HGO-02-105-A-A-205 67-72 - HGO-02-105-A-A-206 73-78 - HGO-02-105-A-A-301 79-84 - HGO-02-105-A-A-302 85-90 - HGO-02-105-A-A-303 91-96 - HGO-02-105-A-A-304 97-102 - HGO-02-105-A-A-305 103-108 - HGO-02-105-A-A-306 109-114 - HGO-02-105-A-B-201 115-120 - HGO-02-105-A-B-202 121-126 - HGO-02-105-A-B-203 127-132 - HGO-02-105-A-B-204 133-138 - HGO-02-105-A-B-205 139-144 - HGO-02-105-A-B-206 145-150 - HGO-02-105-A-B-101 151-156 - HGO-02-105-A-B-102 157-162 - HGO-02-105-A-B-103 163-168 - HGO-02-105-A-B-104 169-174 - HGO-02-105-A-B-105 175-180 - HGO-02-105-A-B-106 181-186 - HGO-02-105-A-C-102 187-192 - HGO-02-105-A-C-103 191A - HGO-02-105-A-C-204 193-198 - HGO-02-105-A-C-104 194A - HGO-02-105-A-C-204 199-204 - HGO-02-105-A-C-105 205-210 - HGO-02-105-A-C-106 211-216 - HGO-02-105-A-C-202 214A - HGO-02-105-A-C-204 217-222 - HGO-02-105-A-C-203 223-225 - HGO-02-105-A-C-204 By Shelf: HGO-02-105-A-A-101 - 1-6 HGO-02-105-A-A-102 - 7-12 HGO-02-105-A-A-103 - 13-18 HGO-02-105-A-A-104 - 19-24 HGO-02-105-A-A-105 - 25-30 HGO-02-105-A-A-106 - 31-36 HGO-02-105-A-A-201 - 37-42 HGO-02-105-A-A-202 - 43-48 HGO-02-105-A-A-203 - 49-54 HGO-02-105-A-A-204 - 55-60 HGO-02-105-A-A-205 - 61-66 HGO-02-105-A-A-206 - 67-72 HGO-02-105-A-A-301 - 73-78 HGO-02-105-A-A-302 - 79-84 HGO-02-105-A-A-303 - 85-90 HGO-02-105-A-A-304 - 91-96 HGO-02-105-A-A-305 - 97-102 HGO-02-105-A-A-306 - 103-108 HGO-02-105-A-B-101 - 145-150 HGO-02-105-A-B-102 - 151-156 HGO-02-105-A-B-103 - 157-162 HGO-02-105-A-B-104 - 163-168 HGO-02-105-A-B-105 - 169-174 HGO-02-105-A-B-106 - 175-180 HGO-02-105-A-B-201 - 109-114 HGO-02-105-A-B-202 - 115-120 HGO-02-105-A-B-203 - 121-126 HGO-02-105-A-B-204 - 127-132 HGO-02-105-A-B-205 - 133-138 HGO-02-105-A-B-206 - 139-144 HGO-02-105-A-C-102 - 181-186 HGO-02-105-A-C-103 - 187-192 HGO-02-105-A-C-104 - 193-198 HGO-02-105-A-C-105 - 199-204 HGO-02-105-A-C-106 - 205-210 HGO-02-105-A-C-202 - 211-216 HGO-02-105-A-C-203 - 217-222 HGO-02-105-A-C-204 - 223-225, 191A, 194A, 214A


This collection is available for research. Restrictions are noted in the detailed inventory.


Materials in this collection may require handling with care as instructed by the archivist. There are no technical restrictions on this collection.

Description Level


Location Note

HGO-02-105-A-A-101 to HGO-02-105-A-A-306, HGO-02-105-A-B-101 to HGO-02-105-A-B-206, and HGO-02-105-A-C-101 to HGO-02-105-A-C-204. See Appendix B for detailed location information...

Accruals Note

Accruals are not expected.

Language Note

Materials are primarily in English, with some in French and German.

Preferred Citation

Item identification. Box #, folder #. Codman family papers (MS001). Historic New England, Library & Archives.

Processing Information

This collection was originally processed through a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities in 1980 by the Library and Archives staff and volunteers. The finding aid was updated in 2014 by Bridgette A. Woodall, project archivist, with assistance from volunteers Rebecca M. Fullerton, Megan E. Gallagher, and Susan Jarvis, and from Jennifer Pustz, museum historian. The 2014 updates were made possible through grants from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (Award Number: NAR13-RH-50051-13), the Bedford Family Foundation, and an anonymous donor. The finding aid was further updated in 2016 by Abigail Cramer, librarian/archivist. Please see Appendix A for detailed processing history.

Rules and Conventions

This finding aid is DACS-compliant.

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The collection is arranged in twenty-six series:

Series I. Papers of Timothy Bigelow (1739-1790), 1775-1800, undated
Series II. Papers of Frances “Fanny” Bowdoin Bradlee (1849-1930), 1870-1925, undated
Series III. Papers of James Bowdoin Bradlee (1813-1872), 1811-1871, undated
Series IV. Papers of Mary Perrin (May) Bradlee (1815-1877), 1786-1877, undated
Series V. Papers of Alice Bowdoin (Bradlee) Chase (1846-1925), 1868-1923, undated
Series VI. Papers of Theodore Chase, Jr. (1832-1895), 1820-1893, undated
Series VII. Papers of Alice “Ahla” Newbold Codman (1866-1923), 1881-1923, undated
Series VIII. Papers of Charles Russell Codman (1784-1852), 1800-1848, undated
Series IX. Papers of Dorothy Sarah Frances May Codman (1883-1968), 1828-ca.1969, undated
Series X. Papers of Hannah (Robinson) Codman (1768-1819), 1805-1818
Series XI. Papers of Hugh Codman (1875-1946), 1863-1954, undated
Series XII. Papers of James Macmaster Codman (1831-1917), 1892, undated
Series XIII. Papers of John Codman, III (1755-1803), 1732-1803, undated
Series XIV. Papers of Leila Howard (Griswold) Codman (1856-1910), 1889-1911, undated
Series XV. Papers of Ogden Codman, Sr. (1839-1904), 1847-1904, undated
Series XVI. Papers of Ogden Codman, Jr. (1863-1951), 1806-1950, undated
Series XVII. Papers of Richard Codman (1762-1806), 1789-1827, undated
Series XVIII. Papers of Sarah Fletcher (Bradlee) Codman (1842-1922), ca.1850-1922, undated
Series XIX. Papers of Sarah (Ogden) Codman (1799-1844), 1770-1841, undated
Series XX. Papers of Stephen Codman (1758-1844), 1811-1841
Series XXI. Papers of Thomas Newbold Codman (1868-1963), 1797-1961, undated
Series XXII. Papers of Louis Dieudonne Gaillard (1824-1888), 1842-1889, undated
Series XXIII. Papers of Mary May (Bradlee) Gaillard (1840-1903), 1849-1901, undated
Series XXIV. Papers of Charles Russell (1738-1780), 1764-1771
Series XXV. Papers of James Russell (1715-1798), 1671-1797, undated
Series XXVI. Papers of Henry Walter Webb (1852-1900), 1861-1900, undated

See series level descriptions for more detail and subseries information.

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