Bruce Blanchard receives preservation award

Nov 8, 2022

Historic New England Preservation Manager Bruce Blanchard is being honored by the Portsmouth Advocates with the 2022 Arthur J. Gerrier Award.

The Gerrier Award is bestowed in recognition of “a personal commitment to preserving and enhancing the unique historical character of Portsmouth.” The award announcement states that Blanchard’s work “preserving Portsmouth’s architectural heritage exemplifies this criteria.”

“Portsmouth is one of the region’s most popular port cities. There is so much history and great architecture to appreciate. I’m proud to be partner in preserving these important stories and historic sites,” said Blanchard, pictured here supporting a column at Historic New England’s Langdon House during the project to repair the front portico.

Blanchard has worked on projects at most of Historic New England’s thirty-eight historic properties across the region. In the past few years he has been in charge of managing preservation work at the properties in the Piscataqua region. His work has included projects as varied as clapboard and plaster repair, restoring and reinstalling garden fixtures, exterior painting, and fence restoration.

The Portsmouth Advocates bestow awards of excellence to owners, designers, and contractors whose exceptional work demonstrates a commitment to historic preservation and makes Portsmouth a better place to live and work. Since 1991 Portsmouth Advocates has presented the Arthur J. Gerrier Memorial Award to an individual who is committed to serving our historic community. Gerrier was a member of the Portsmouth Advocates Board and an outstanding architectural historian.

The Portsmouth Advocates 2022 award ceremony is at the Portsmouth Historical Society on Wednesday, November 9, 2022, at 5:00 p.m.

About Portsmouth Advocates

Formed in 1980, Portsmouth Advocates was established to “promote the maintenance of the historical and architectural integrity of the structures and cityscape of the City of Portsmouth.” In 2012, the all volunteer group became part of the Portsmouth Historical Society.