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Southwood Furniture Corporation
Beauport sofa and Newport wingchair
Southwood Furniture Corporation
Boston State House chair
Swan Boats, Coolidge
Swan Boats in Boston Public Gardens, Baldwin Coolidge (1845-1928)
Regatta, Boston Harbor
The Start of the City Regatta, Boston Harbor, July 4, 1887, Nathaniel L. Stebbins (1847-1922)
Hare, CG
Reproduction painting of a Hare, Cogswell's Grant, Essex, Massachusetts
Fire Bucket, CG
Painting inspired by a fire bucket, Cogswell's Grant, Essex, Massachusetts.
Eagle, BP
Painting inspired by a carving, Eagle and her Young, Beauport, Gloucester, Massachusetts.
Old Boston pcbk
Old Boston postcard book featuring 30 images from Historic New England's Library and Archives
The Seraph and HOME by Alex Pifer
Pieces in the Cogswell's Grant Collection
painted chest with portrait.jpg
green blanket chest.jpg
apothecary, tape loom, jack o'lantern.jpg
Jacob Goold portrait.jpg
Seraph-sofa and tavern table.jpg
The Cogswell's Grant Collection includes a rolled arm sofa and an oval topped tavern table.
Reproduction carpet in the stair hall, Codman Estate, Lincoln, Massachusetts.
KJK-scroll pin.JPG
An architecture scroll provides the motif for a collection of jewelry.
Seraph-silversmith's case.CG.JPG
Silversmith's Case, Cogswell's Grant Collection
Seraph-Tea Table.CG.JPG
Tea Table, Cogswell's Grant Collection
Francis Welch
Stephen P. Smithers and Son
John Burt mug, Samuel Edwards miniature tankard, Thomas Arnold beaker
Wainwright-Rocky Hill.Pew.jpg
Detail of a pew in Rocky Hill Meeting House, Amesbury, Massachusetts.
Wainwright-Rocky Hill.door.jpg
Detail of front elevation, Rocky Hill Meeting House, Amesbury, Massachusetts.
Brewster-Derby Farm mural.jpg
Derby Farm mural, 6 ft. x 9 ft.
Brewster-Flora and Fauna.JPG
Flora and Fauna, taupe on cream
Adelphi Paper Hangings LLC
Elmwood Floral, block-printed paper
Brewster-Floral Urn.JPG
Floral Urn damask pattern
Brunschwig-BP Promenade. red.jpg
Beauport Promenade, glazed chintz in red
Cathay Toile, blue on cream
Canvasworks-Greek Key.jpeg
Greek Key Border, based on a late nineteenth-century linoleum, North Andover, Massachusetts.
Canvasworks-Peppers and Petals.JPG
Peppers and Petals, based on a floor cloth remnant from 1850-1860.
Canvasworks-Stars and Flowers.JPG
Stars and Flowers, based on a floor cloth remnant c. 1890, South Woodstock, Connecticut.
ColorGuild-HCA chart.JPG
Historic Colors of America, a palette of 149 authentic period colors
Southwood-Upholstered Group.jpg
Best selling classic pieces upholstered in updated leathers and graphic fabrics.
Waterhouse-Paul Revere.orig.JPG
Licensed product group
Jewett carpet
The Wreath carpet, Sarah Orne Jewett House
Shoot for the Moon
Shoot for the Moon, gold and silver on white
July 1776
July 1776, block-printed by hand
Family Heirloom-Berkshire.jpg
Berkshire ingrain carpet
HCA color chart
Historic Colors of America, a palette of 149 authentic period colors
Decor Chinois, Two Birds, 6 x 12
Decor Chinois, Two Birds, 6 x 12 decoupage plate
Logos of licensees
California Paints
Placeholder for new chart cover
HCA Fan Deck.jpg
Placeholder for 20 c. fan deck
Paul Revere paper
Paul Revere pattern, stone on gold
Angel pin, gold tone
3 plates.Neptune
Three motifs in the Decor Chinois collection.
POM pcbk cover.placeholder
Arch Drawings cover, placeholder
Pairpoint glass - BP
Reproduction glass from the Beauport Collection
Teresa and Ray Podeszwa
Stephen Smithers & Son
The Seraph and HOME
Pomegranate Communications
Paul Wainwright
Panopticon Gallery
Pairpoint Crystal Company
Pairpoint Crystal Company
Neptune 1 Studios
JR Burrows
Family Heirloom Weavers
Color Guild
The Christopher Norman Collection
Canvasworks Floorcloths
California Paints
California Paints
Brunschwig and Fils
Brunschwig and Fils
Brewster Home Fashions
Adelphi Paper Hangings
Adelphi THUMB
Brideman Placeholder 1
Bridgeman Placeholder 2
Bridgeman THUMB
Brewster THUMB
Brunschwig THUMB
Hastrich THUMB
LookClickPrint THUMB
Tigerlily THUMB
Southwood THUMB
Southwood Furniture
JJ Burrows
James Hastrich
Tiger Lily THUMB
Seraph and HOME Thumb
Smithers Silver THUMB
Bridgeman Painting THUMB
California Paint THUMB
Wainwright THUMB
Neptune THUMB
Color Guild THUMB
WaterHouse THUMB
Family Heirloom THUMB
Look Click Print THUMB
Pairpoint Crystal THUMB
Podeszwa THUMB
Pomegranate THUMB