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In Their Own Words

In their own words

While we can never speak with the people who have come before us, occasionally we are lucky enough to have traces of them speaking in their own words.  Letters, diaries, postcards, and more recently video and sound recordings are very special family treasures. Above is a letter that Edward Little sent to his niece Frances Eliza Little, while he was in Ireland in 1909.  Try to read the original before looking at the transcription below. 

July 31, 1909
Dear Frances,
Just a note as I thought you would like this letter-head.
We had a beautiful time in Ireland.  The country is wonderful in its fertility.  In the Southern part the growth is almost tropical.  Think of us driving between great hedges of fuscias (?) [sic], foxglove growing wild along the road and holly trees with their brilliant green leaves 20 and 30 feet high.
Then the mountains are fine and the view as one drives over all of the passes and all the Lakes of Killarney stretching out before him is very grand.
We’re having a family dispute now about where we are going tonight so good by
Edward H. Little

Do you have any letters or cards that remind you of someone who lives far away or maybe someone who has passed away?

In Their Own Words