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Your Old or Historic Home

Historic New England wants you to know how to conserve and care for your old or historic home. With a century's worth of experience in historic preservation, Historic New England has the expertise to help you protect the unique character of your house, whether it was built in 1750 or 1950. Historic Homeowner membership at Historic New England provides additional services tailored to the specific issues you encounter in your home.

Feature Story

Clothes dryer in a 1909 house

Old House Curiosities

Households in the early twentieth century became increasingly efficient as a result of scientific advancements and mechanization. The home was viewed as a type of domestic factory and the principles of scientific management were applied to housework, just as they were applied to the work happening in offices and factories. New inventions, like the electric refrigerator and the telephone, significantly improved the efficiency and convenience of housekeeping methods. Many of these products continue to be used, albeit with a few improvements, in homes today. Marketed to the modern housewife (a newly emerging consumer audience), many of these turn-of-the-century inventions were undoubtedly creative, novel, and, to modern eyes, often rather curious.

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Historic Homeowner Membership

For detailed, ongoing advice for your old or historic home, consider Historic Homeowner membership. The Historic Homeowner program supports you with individualized technical support, including online consultation to select historically appropriate paint colors, evaluate design proposals, and locate specialized contracting. Learn more.

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Your Old or Historic Home