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Property Care White Papers

pc-bruce-carving-post.jpg-1Read and download examples of how the property care team applies the preservation philosophy to the preservation, maintenance, and management of the historic house museums and their associated landscapes. 

The preservation philosophy is a broad reaching document and does not deal directly with many of the issues that face a project manager so the property care team has developed a series of best practices, or white papers, to better articulate our approach and solutions to different issues. The ultimate goal is to share our expertise and struggles with other historic house properties so that they can benefit as well.

pc-HAM window work.jpgThe white papers included on this website are generally divided into three sections: Philosophy Statement, Guidelines, and Technical Information. Most white papers contain both a Philosophy Statement and a section for Guidelines but not all topics contain Technical Information.

                          • Philosophy Statement: the overall approach to a topic
                          • Guidelines: the basic steps or best practices we are striving to achieve
                          • Technical Information: the expansion of the guidelines  with more detailed information

We think of these white papers as living documents and are always looking to refine them based on our practical experiences. However we also realize that our approach to an issue may not be the only approach and we embrace these differences and welcome discussion on any preservation topic.  These documents are recommendations for practice however they do not supplant local building codes, regulations or ordinances.  Always check with your local government to ensure your approach is in compliance. 


Building Preservation and Maintenance

Condition Assessments



Energy Efficiency

Environmental Conditions in Historic House Museums

In Kind Replacement

Landscape Preservation and Maintenance

Mechanical Systems



Site Drainage

Tree Care

Ultraviolet Protection






Property Care White Papers