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Researching cranberry industry as my father was a grower in Duxbury, MA beginning 1837. I want to know more about the United Cape Cod Cranberry Conpany of Bostib #

AvatarPosted by Anne G. Cann on January 23, 2016
I found the cover of a really interesting booklet on a subject I am intensely interested in. Is it possible to see the pages inside the booklet. All I could get was the cover and it was a beautiful image.
 United Cape Cod Cranberry Company, 10 State St, Boston MA
Thank you for what you have preserved.;
Anne G Cann

United Cape Cod Cranberry Conpany #

AvatarPosted by Jeanne Gamble on February 22, 2016
Hi Ann,

Thank you for your interest in United Cape Cod Cranberry Company. I will locate the booklet and send you a copy of the inside pages. I will also check to see if we have anything else that may not have been digitized yet. I will be in touch soon.


Jeanne Gamble
Library & Archives Specialist
Historic New England
141 Cambridge Street
Boston, MA 02114

Consolidated Cape Cod Cranberry Co #

AvatarPosted by Anne G. Cann on February 22, 2016
I very much appreciate your offer to make available the inside of the document which showed the cover only. It was tantalizing to just be able to view the cover.
Thank you so very much,

Consolidiated Cape Cod Cranberry Company #

AvatarPosted by Anne G. Cann on February 22, 2016
I was so excited and pleased with your response. It was very tantalizing to see the cover of the document and not be able to look inside.
I await the results of your generous effort.
My parents owned the Duxbury Cranberry Company from 1937 to about 1956. I had fornerly been the 5C or Consolidated Cape Cod Cranberry Company. It is so interesting to learn the history.
With appreciation,
Anne G. Cann