Video: The Lyman Estate Greenhouses are a year-round getaway just outside of Boston

Feb 7, 2019

The Lyman Estate Greenhouses are among the oldest surviving greenhouses in the United States.

Located in Waltham, Massachusetts, and open year round, the complex is a great place to visit to escape New England winters. The greenhouses include an 1804 grape house, 1820 camellia house, 1840 orchid house, and a 1930 sales greenhouse where you can buy plants to take home. The greenhouses specialize in orchids, exotic house plants, citrus, camellias, and herbs. At the gift shop and sales greenhouse, visitors can buy orchid-growing supplies, pottery, gardening books, fertilizers, note cards, and garden gifts.

In addition to five large specialty plant sales during the year, tours of the Lyman Estate mansion are available on the third Saturday of each month. Greenhouse Manager and plant expert Lynn Ackerman also gives specialized lectures throughout the year.

On Saturday, February 16, join Lynn for a lecture about the History of Greenhouses in America. The illustrated talk reveals how nineteenth-century plant enthusiasts looked to Europe for inspiration on building structures to house decorations and edible plant collections.

Or, join us on Saturday, March 2, for a talk about the History of Camellias in Boston. New Englanders have grown decorative plants for centuries, and many large estates in the Boston area featured large glass greenhouses and significant collections of camellia trees.

Plan your visit to the Lyman Estate Greenhouses.