Wonderland Walks

Join Historic New England President and CEO Vin Cipolla as our guest on an exclusive walk at some of our most engaging properties.

Watson Farm, Jamestown, Rhode Island
Saturday, April 15
10:00 AM

From the 1796 farmhouse and barn, walk through scenic pastures and fields to the shoreline at this gorgeous and sustainable seaside farm. With Site Manager Jane Hennedy, engage in the history of this land through stories of Indigenous people, three governors, tenant farmers, enslaved people, and six generations of the Watson family. By mid-April, you should be able to see up to thirty new calves and fifty new lambs along the way.

Beauport, the Sleeper-McCann House, Gloucester, Massachusetts
Saturday, June 10
10:00 AM

Explore the summer home of Henry Sleeper, one of America’s first professional interior designers, with Site Manager Kristen Weiss. Walk Eastern Point, a summer escape for Boston, New York, and Philadelphia socialites at the beginning of the twentieth century. Learn about Sleeper’s circle of friends, a group of artists and intellectuals known as Dabsville, while enjoying fabulous views of Gloucester Harbor.



Castle Tucker & Nickels-Sortwell House, Wiscasset, Maine
Saturday, September 23
10:00 AM

Visit two very different 1807 houses on a walking tour led by Site Manager Peggy Konitzky. From Castle Tucker, stroll down historic High and Main Streets to Nickels-Sortwell House while hearing stories of eccentric families and Wiscasset’s connections to two different eras of shipping boom and bust.


Be Our Guest on One or More Saturdays!

Enjoy a magical walk or hike outdoors with President and CEO Vin Cipolla and an overview from a property expert at one or more of these magnificent sites to talk about history and design, conservation, the arts, and the extraordinary diversity of the New England experience.

To reserve your space on a Wonderland Walk, please call the Events Office at 617-994-5934 or email [email protected].

About Historic New England

Historic New England, founded as The Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities in 1910, is the largest and most comprehensive independent preservation organization in the United States, and welcomes the public to thirty-eight exceptional museums and landscapes, including several coastal farms. The organization operates a major collections and archives center in Haverhill, Massachusetts, and has the world’s largest collection of New England artifacts, comprising more than 125,000 decorative arts and objects, and 1.5 million archival documents including photographs, architectural drawings, manuscripts, and ephemera. Engaging education programs for youth, adults, and preservation professionals, and award-winning exhibitions and publications are offered in person and virtually. The Historic New England Preservation Easement program is a national leader and protects 121 privately owned historic properties throughout the region.