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From outdoor festivals to hands-on workshops, have fun and learn at Historic New England properties and beyond.

Homeschool Program, An Abundance of Boxes, Ceramics, and Decoys: The ABCDs of Collecting at Cogswell’s Grant

Dates: 5/16/17

Location: Cogswell's Grant | Massachusetts

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Homeshcool Program, Spring Time Exploration at Watson Farm

Dates: 5/23/17

Location: Watson Farm | Rhode Island

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Homeschool Program, Mementos: Jewelry of Life and Love from Historic New England

Dates: 6/27/17

Location: Eustis Estate | Massachusetts

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Homeschool Program, The Camera’s Eye: House and Garden Pictures and Painting

Dates: 7/18/17

Location: Hamilton House | Maine

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Homeschool Program, Architects and Artists at Gropius House

Dates: 8/15/17

Location: Gropius House | Massachusetts

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Homeschool Program, By the Sea: Art and Nature at Coolidge Point

Dates: 9/19/17

Location: Coolidge Point | Massachusetts

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Homeschool Program, Bubbles, Bladders, and Buoyancy

Dates: 10/17/2017

Location: Merwin House | Massachusetts

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