Group Tours at Jackson House (c. 1664)

The oldest surviving house in Northern New England

A National Historic Landmark

Jackson House is the oldest surviving house in New Hampshire and Maine. It was built by Richard Jackson, a woodworker, farmer, and mariner, when timber from the region’s abundant forests formed the basis of the economy. To highlight its fascinating construction methods, the home is shown unfurnished. In September, Jackson House hosts a harvest festival in the orchard that slopes down to the Piscataqua River.

76 Northwest Street, Portsmouth, N.H.

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Specialty Tours

  • Guided House Tour: Enjoy an approximately fifty-minute guided tour; please allow one and a quarter hours for your visit.

  • Appleton’s Jackson House: Delve into the thought process and early preservation theories of Historic New England’s founder, William Sumner Appleton, during the 1924 restoration of Jackson House.

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