Taking care of the caretakers

Jan 9, 2015

In Salem, Massachusetts, Cox Cottagehas shared the same lot with Historic New England’s Gedney House since the early eighteenth entury. It isnow used as a residential unit, housing tenants who fill an important rolesimply by being present at the site. When weather or accidents threaten thebuildings, they are the first to know and notify Historic New England staff quickly toprevent and repair any damage.

Recently, Cox Cottage needed some preservation attention. Weathered window sills and siding were carefullyrepaired and repainted to ensure the integrity of the house.

Many Historic New England properties include rental spaces and outbuildings. While they are not part of the visitor experience, they provide important support to our mission of preservation. Pleaseconsider helping with the care and maintenance of these properties with a gift to the Preservation Maintenance Fund.

View a gallery of the repairs.