Sunscreen – it’s not just for people

Jul 20, 2010

During the March 2010 storms that greatly affected the region, two ninety-foot spruce trees fell at the Governor John Langdon House in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, sheared branches off one side of a European beech tree, and came to rest against the North Lodge. Our carpentry crew recently completed repairs to the damaged roof and cornice of the lodge. But what about the tree? 

Beech trees have thin bark and are susceptible to a condition similar to sunburn on humans. In the case of our beech, great areas of the tree were now exposed to the sun, risking damage by sunscald. To help prevent this, the newly exposed areas were wrapped in burlap. We hope this treatment, expected to last for about a year while new, shading growth is produced, is effective in ensuring the survival of our eighty-year-old beech.

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