Siding replaced at Casey Farm

Sep 4, 2011

After replacing the roof of the main house at Casey Farm, Historic New England’s property care team wenton to replace the clapboard siding on the house’s west elevation. This is the last facade to be completed in a multi-year campaign to replaceall exterior siding on the house. The clapboards, made from quarter-sawn, 100% heart-content Eastern white pine, came from a mill in New Hampshire. This typeof siding helps resist decay, is a traditional New England material, and matches the species itreplaces.

We documented the existing siding on story poles, which allowed the new work to accurately reproduce the existing conditions. Window and exterior trim was retained and will beprepped and repainted along with the entire elevation. Now that this phase of work has been completed we begin repairing siding and exterior trim on Casey Farm’s numerous outbuildings.

This important preservation effort is partially funded by agrant from the Champlin Foundations. Please consider supporting our work bydonating to the Preservation Maintenance Fund.

To learn more about our approach to the preservation of our historic properties please see our White Papers.