Rally ‘Round the Flag

Discover how people lived during the Civil War

At Roseland Cottage or Your Site

What did people experience during Civil War? If you were a soldier, how did you spend your day? How did troops communicate? How did the war affect African Americans? Soldier’s families?

Students use their inquisitiveness and historical thinking skills to explore the past and gain a deeper understanding of the Civil War and its impact. Students can learn signal wig-wag, look into women’s roles, build a pontoon bridge, investigate Civil War medicine, question a Civil War soldier, learn codes and ciphers, and more.

Program Details

Choose one or more components from the list below. One component = one class period. Combine four to six for an all-day Civil War program:

Available weekdays, year-round, for Grades 4 – 9. Please contact us to design a program specifically for your students.


Type of Program: Field Trips, Programs to Go, Summer Programs, After School, Scouts

Related Topics: Slavery and Civil War

Connections to Connecticut Curriculum Frameworks, Grades 6-8

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